Must-Have for Mommies

My boss loves to spend money. What's so great about this is that fact she's also a good friend and she likes to spend money on me as well! And by me I mean Baby J.

It helps that her two grandchildren recently moved away so she was excited about having another little one in her life. Anyways, she went a little shopping crazy for us before Baby J's arrival. Amongst the many things she got us were these Aden + Anais burpy bibs


Well, y'all let me tell you what, you need these burp clothes. Trust me. 

Go to Amazon now and buy them. Do it!

Okay, okay, I know the price is a little outrageous. We don't have a huge family income; in fact, Hubby B and I are a true average American family. But I would (and will) shell out the money for these when they need to be replaced. 

They're softer, shaped better and more absorbent than any other burp cloth we have. AND they even turn into bibs when the time comes. I happily do Baby J's laundry frequently just to have these clean!

Close yours eyes, bite the bullet and spend the money on these burp cloths, you won't regret it.

Motivational Monday


With the world at it's current tornado stricken, war fighting, economy struggling status more than a few of us are fighting a hard battle, be it personal or public. 

Let's not forget what Memorial Day is all about. Take the time to remember those who have fought for our freedom, those men and women who continue to fight for our freedom, and most certainly the families, friends and especially the partners of those stationed around the world. 

A friend of ours is currently working a third year in Afghanistan. It's been three years since he retired from the Air Force, but he chooses to work with soldiers to protect our freedom. He's a brave man and he's just one of many y'all. Today, I thank the people like him who continue to dedicate their lives to our freedom. 

Happy Memorial Day Y'all!

Boob Tube Babble

Okay, this is my first time to link up with Neely for the weekly Boob Tube Babble linky. With such a historic week in television how could I not.

Where to start? I just can't decide...Oprah or Glee? Okay, Okay, we'll start with Glee.

Hello, New York.

 I. Love. This. Show.

Seriously. They couldn't win me over any more because I'm completely in love with this show. Have I said that yet? Ha! Not only are they living in a freaking musical, but the message the show continues to send to teens and even adults regarding sexuality, bullying, the value of the arts and so much more is truly amazing.

If you really thought they were going to win Nationals this season, you're stupid. Sorry, but you are. They're only juniors, there's one more year left of High School. Wouldn't you rather win Nationals your Senior year? Of course you would!

Moving on...


Let me just say that I am not an avid Oprah watcher. I DVR the occasional episode that I think sounds interesting and always watch her "Favorite Things" episodes. For me, Oprah is more of an idol than a television show. From a writer's perspective and someone who studies media, she is something to marvel. A true media mogul. A legend. 

It's sad to see this part of her career end, but we all know there are even better things waiting for her fans in the future. I mean really, she can't expect the world to go too long without hearing her holler about some new wonderful thing. 

Much like Glee, the best part of her show over 25 years was the message she was sending to viewers. She's someone who sees the beauty in life and can unknowingly force the masses to see the beauty in it as well. 

She closed the show by discussing her gratitude, but one of the big messages she pushed in this final episode was the feeling of being worthy. Worthy enough to feel happy, worthy enough to reach out and grab what's in front of us, worthy enough to fulfill our destiny. We should all feel worthy, it was a divine message. 

Oprah will certainly be missed from daytime television. If you don't agree you need to go back and watch some of her shows that inspired millions. 

Now, time to find some Summer shows, or perhaps the Real Housewife series will be enough to keep us entertained!

No Wrong Answer

Every night before we fall asleep I ask Hubby B to tell me one reason he loves me. There are no boundaries to his answer; although, I do veto some, ha! Many nights he'll roll his eyes at me because he knows the question is coming, but he always plays along. 

We've exchanged these reasons every night for a year now. 

And y'all, I think it's one of the best things to happen to our marriage. Even if we're arguing we tell each other a reason we love one another before bed and it solidifies our relationship.

Well, yesterday was not a good day for me and Hubby B. We got into a big argument yesterday morning that left both of us upset. Let's chalk it up to hormones from new birth control and a baby who had randomly decided he wasn't going to sleep...

As we crawled into bed I asked him one reason he loved me and he answered with the most perfect answer he's ever had...he said, 

"Because at the end of the day you're always there."

That's right y'all. That's love. 

Even if you're living with the perfect marriage, I'd still recommend exchanging these simple reasons for love every night. It can really be a beautiful thing that takes little effort to make your partner's day better.

Fashion Fridays: Summer Starter

With a newborn at home, we won't be making our usual trip to the beach with everyone. I don't think our friends would appreciate Baby J crashing their three-day drinking fest. So, we'll be starting new traditions at home this year. Goodbye beer pong and endless days of laying on the beach!

Whatever it is you may find yourself getting into this weekend, everyone is in need of a good ensemble, right? Right. 

Memorial Day

Memorial Day by magnoliamom365 featuring gold bangles

Link up with Kori to join in on the fashion fun! 

Happy Happy Friday!

So many reasons to be happy this gloomy Friday...

First of all, my computer is finally fixed and I can rejoin the blogesphere! My sweet, old Macbook has been slowly dying. This is when being married to a geek who works in the IT world comes in handy. Rather than having to buy a new one just yet (because we cannot afford it right now with baby bills) he gave it a shot to the heart hard-drive and it should last me a little longer. 

Reason number two for celebrating....

my best friend in the world is coming home for two whole months!

This is a big deal y'all. Big. This will be the first time we have been in the same city for longer than a few days in at least three years. I'm hoping between work and mommyhood we can find plenty of time to hang out. I need to soak up all her craziness while I can because once August comes, she's moving to Newfoundland to start a new journey in life.

And the last little reason to be happy...

Baby J went to his two month doctor's appointment where our pediatrician confirmed he's a healthy little man! Weighing in at 10 pounds 14 ounces and 22 inches, he is right at the 50th percentile on both. So blessed to have a happy, healthy baby boy!

Hope Y'all have a good Memorial Day weekend full of family, friends and fun!

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Sharing Secrets & Moving On

Would you like to know something I don't like to talk about?

Of course you do.

On September 5 of last year, my house burned to the ground.

That's right. Not just a little kitchen fire or a couple of rooms that were damaged, but full on no more upstairs, no more playroom or office, no more garage or laundry room. Nothing. Okay, there's a little of the downstairs left...take a look for yourself....

Front view

Back  view

Now, let me explain.

This is not the house Hubby B and I were living in. This is the house I was raised in from the time I was seven years old. My mom was the only one currently residing in the house (my Dad left two years ago, but that's a story for another day). Anyways, she was in this huge five bedroom, three bathroom house all alone. For the past couple of years my Grandfather had been begging me to return home to keep her company. Well, when we found out we were pregnant with Baby J I thought there was no time better to head back home. 

So, for times sake, Hubby B agreed to live with my mom until we really became settled in our new Southern city. Y'all this house was amazing. The best part of this plan, is that the upstairs was basically a suite of its own. So, we could have our space and she could have hers. My mom and I had already planned the nursery, and visions of raising Baby J in this house were dancing through my mind regularly. 

Our kitchen (note there is no second floor)

View from our front hallway into the living room. Upstairs floor fell in during fire.
The reason I'm bringing this up now is because after this weekend the house will no longer exist. It's being torn down as I type this post.

Cue the tears.

People always tell us, "at least no one was hurt, and the stuff that's gone was all just 'stuff'."

Well, excuse my language but these people don't know shit.

A sign we got my mom a very long time ago

Some of Hubby B and my wedding barware 

My childhood bedroom

What you don't realize is how much your house your home is more than just that. It is a family member, it is a best friend, it is your safe haven away from the world that can always make you feel better. It is, in reality, a huge part of who you are and who you have been.

This is where we celebrated Christmas for over ten years, where I was surprised by friends and family for my sweet 16, where I had my first sleep over at seven years old, where my brothers and I would ride couch cushions down the stairs, where I got ready for prom and threw a wild post-prom party, where we'd lay next to the pool in the summers, where I spent many sleepless nights chatting on the phone with my best friends and first love, where I was told my G-Pa passed away, where I got my first pet, where I learned what doing chores was all about, where my Dad and I would cook pancakes every Saturday morning, where all the neighborhood kids wanted to play because we had a trampoline, where Hubby B met my entire family for the first time, where he asked my Dad for my hand in marriage.

I could go on forever about what this house meant to me and the experiences it shared with my family, but I'll spare you.

Before September 5, I didn't known anyone personally or even through other people who had lost their house to a fire. An electrical short, that's all it was. Everything gone in a matter of an hour and a half as ten fire trucks attempted to tame the flames that were quickly taking away all of that 'stuff' that my family knew as our life.

I will say that life goes on. You find the strength and re-learn how to smile after watching your house be destroyed. But even though life goes on, you've still lost a family member. So, I'm taking my time to mourn. And then I've got to move on.

Pink & Green Thursday: Lilly Lovin'

This is one of my favorite days of the week, and Trish's linky always puts an extra pep in my step!

I've been obsessively casually checking out party planning necessities the past few weeks and found this Lilly inspired party.

Isn't it just to die for?

Designed by Paper & Pigtails, this little girl's 3rd birthday must have been the party of the season.

{photos via}
Doesn't your day just feel a little bit brighter?!

Happy Thursday y'all!

Scary Movies and Baby Burps

Gliding back and forth giving Baby J has his 4 a.m. feeding, I stopped for the routine burp. 

A little squirming ensued, a couple of cute baby noises then nothing. Baby J does this often. Sometimes he just refuses to burp, but it doesn't bother him so it doesn't bother me. 

I held him in my arms gliding for a couple of more minutes before it happened. 

The. Scariest. Thing. Ever.

I began shrieking, (yes, shrieking) at the top of my lungs as formula was SHOOTING out of his nose!

It was like a scene from The Exorcist

At this point I've been peed on, pooped on, and puked on but this was new. In all my years with children, formula out of the nose at this rate and this amount was a new occurrence.

I hope never to relive that moment! No thank you! Why can't they just always look this innocent and perfect?

Baby J, please just save formula-out-of-the-nose madness for your Daddy.

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

With all of the rain we've had lately I'm beginning to feel like we might be stuck in April.

I walked outside this morning and the rain has now brought in coldish weather! I'm a little disappointed in mother nature right now...

I guess there's not much left to do except throw on some rainboots and make the most of it!

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What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving these engagement photos I came across on Green Wedding Shoes.

 Aren't they just adorable?!

The cuteness levels here are almost gross...or maybe I'm just jealous.

I love when engagement shoots are taken to another level. These are works of art. The lighting is beautiful, the colors of the lemonade stand and the couple's ensembles are a perfect combo. This photographer is to be applauded, don't you think?

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Monday Motivation


The 411

Since my little lovely blog here is fairly new, I thought linking up with Keely today would be a perfect way for y'all to learn a little more about me!

Have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself?
Only once. I went to Eat, Pray, Love and it was wonderful...going to the movies alone that is. The movie itself was mediocre. 

Would you rather go through a tornado or a hurricane?
Having lived through several tornados, I'd have to go with hurricane.

Have you made summer vacation plans?
We've got a trip back "home" to Nashville planned for a friend's June wedding as well as a trip to the beach in August!

What's your favorite accessory?
Can I say Baby J? That' what I'm going with!

Have you ever been thrown a surprise party?
Yes! My sweet 16 was a surprise. A night I will certainly never forget!

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Are you friends with your neighbors?
We recently moved and unfortunately our neighbors are much older than us. We are friendly but I wouldn't qualify our relationship as "friends."

What's the last movie you saw in the theater?
The Fighter. With a new baby, not sure when I'll get back.

What's your favorite food network show?
This is seriously a tough question. I'm going to have to say, The Next Food Network Star.

Happy Sunday y'all! Hope Monday treats you well!

You've got a Friend

Looking for some weekend love? 

I stumbled upon a new blog sharing some "follow" friendliness with everyone!

Link up over at her site, A Geek's Wife and Her Dog, to join in!

Kibosh on the Wash

I started off from day one having Hubby B do bath time with Baby J in attempts to get him involved with his nightly bedtime routine.

We're both working parents; so, I want to be sure we have all the quality time possible.

He heads back to get the water warm as I get a little naked baby ready to get so fresh and clean. We hover over our cute little man making sure all the crevices are good to go. At least that's what we use to do.

This week I was banned from bathtub time! Can you believe it?!

I leaned down to wipe Baby J's eyes and B looked up at me nicely, but seriously said, "We've got this you can go."

Break a girl's heart why don't ya?

I could've complained, but instead I stepped back and let them have father/son time.

I just adore the way he's taken on the roll of Dad.  


Grab Your Party Pants

Confession: Baby J is 7 weeks old and I'm already putting together idea boards for his one year birthday party. 

Crazy? No.

...okay maybe a little. The point is...

In my search for inspiration I hit the party planning jackpot. Let's just say, if my computer were a vegas slot machine, sirens would be sounding and tiny little coins would be shooting out for hours. 

Party Box Design has me giddy about planning a party. From invites to cake toppers and even personalized confetti, they've got it all! 

{all photos via}
I feel like I could lose myself in the designs forever, but forever was cut short because I only had an hour before Baby J woke up. 

Check out their blog as well! This stuff is too good to miss!