Boob Tube Babble

Okay, this is my first time to link up with Neely for the weekly Boob Tube Babble linky. With such a historic week in television how could I not.

Where to start? I just can't decide...Oprah or Glee? Okay, Okay, we'll start with Glee.

Hello, New York.

 I. Love. This. Show.

Seriously. They couldn't win me over any more because I'm completely in love with this show. Have I said that yet? Ha! Not only are they living in a freaking musical, but the message the show continues to send to teens and even adults regarding sexuality, bullying, the value of the arts and so much more is truly amazing.

If you really thought they were going to win Nationals this season, you're stupid. Sorry, but you are. They're only juniors, there's one more year left of High School. Wouldn't you rather win Nationals your Senior year? Of course you would!

Moving on...


Let me just say that I am not an avid Oprah watcher. I DVR the occasional episode that I think sounds interesting and always watch her "Favorite Things" episodes. For me, Oprah is more of an idol than a television show. From a writer's perspective and someone who studies media, she is something to marvel. A true media mogul. A legend. 

It's sad to see this part of her career end, but we all know there are even better things waiting for her fans in the future. I mean really, she can't expect the world to go too long without hearing her holler about some new wonderful thing. 

Much like Glee, the best part of her show over 25 years was the message she was sending to viewers. She's someone who sees the beauty in life and can unknowingly force the masses to see the beauty in it as well. 

She closed the show by discussing her gratitude, but one of the big messages she pushed in this final episode was the feeling of being worthy. Worthy enough to feel happy, worthy enough to reach out and grab what's in front of us, worthy enough to fulfill our destiny. We should all feel worthy, it was a divine message. 

Oprah will certainly be missed from daytime television. If you don't agree you need to go back and watch some of her shows that inspired millions. 

Now, time to find some Summer shows, or perhaps the Real Housewife series will be enough to keep us entertained!