Bookstore Musings

As a kid I hated being dragged on trips to the bookstore with my mom and cousin as they spent hours perusing shelf after shelf. However, grown-up Mrs. Magnolia just loves the book store!

So, this weekend I packed up Baby J and headed down the road to Books-a-Million. I was on a mission to pick up my chosen book for May. 

We'll get back to that in a minute.

It had been a while since I'd visited a bookstore, and this trip didn't disappoint. 

I know you should dig deeper than the middle aisle of 'suggested books' when choosing literature, but why wouldn't you want to see the books everyone likes in one convenient location?! 

This is me confessing I'm one of those people who typically only buys books from that middle aisle of 'suggested books'. 

We encountered quite a few intriguing jewels that just have to be shared...

Want another confession? I most certainly judge a book by it's cover.

 Let's be honest, the cover can draw you in, win you over before anything else. It matters.

And I loved this cover and title, it's too funny. It also received some good reviews; although, the reviews at Amazon weren't so hot. At least I followup on my judgement of the cover, right?

Here's the real prize though:

Oh, I'm serious.

At first, I was laughing at the thought of who would actually purchase this book. Then I opened it to find the most ingenious book ever.

The photos and descriptions that fill the pages inside are priceless. I'm considering returning to purchase this book to keep on the coffee table. Great conversation piece. I mean just take this one entitled "Silent Nightswimming" for example:


Now, the book I've chosen for May...

The Help

"A good book should leave you slightly exhausted at the end. 
You live several lives while reading it." 
-William Styron