First Things First

I always tell myself I'm going to read a book. I get very determined about it, at least in my head. Most times, I even buy the book and read a couple of chapters. I'm embarrassed to say, after that I lose my gusto.

Really I wish it wasn't like this. I'm a writer and I love to read. But I just haven't been able to get through a book lately. Well, this month that is changing!

By the end of May I will have read at least one new book. Let's not push it too much right?

Here's what I've narrowed the choices to:

Water for Elephants was released last week as a movie, while The Help won't be in film format until the fall. Actually, I just found a trailer for the movie! 

Love the trailer! Here's the dilemma: Everyone always says you should read the books first. However, the movie never lives up to the book. So, shouldn't we see the movies first that way the movie is seen at it's best level and the book will just add to the greatness of the movie? Then we'd appreciate the book a little bit more...

Or is that just me procrastinating reading a little more? It's quite possible. I'll have decision made and book in hand by Friday!