Happy Happy Friday!

So many reasons to be happy this gloomy Friday...

First of all, my computer is finally fixed and I can rejoin the blogesphere! My sweet, old Macbook has been slowly dying. This is when being married to a geek who works in the IT world comes in handy. Rather than having to buy a new one just yet (because we cannot afford it right now with baby bills) he gave it a shot to the heart hard-drive and it should last me a little longer. 

Reason number two for celebrating....

my best friend in the world is coming home for two whole months!

This is a big deal y'all. Big. This will be the first time we have been in the same city for longer than a few days in at least three years. I'm hoping between work and mommyhood we can find plenty of time to hang out. I need to soak up all her craziness while I can because once August comes, she's moving to Newfoundland to start a new journey in life.

And the last little reason to be happy...

Baby J went to his two month doctor's appointment where our pediatrician confirmed he's a healthy little man! Weighing in at 10 pounds 14 ounces and 22 inches, he is right at the 50th percentile on both. So blessed to have a happy, healthy baby boy!

Hope Y'all have a good Memorial Day weekend full of family, friends and fun!

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