How Dare She

Confession: I am currently appalled by my sister-in-law's actions.

Let me explain.

My husband received not even a phone call a text message while we were running errands yesterday from her saying "yeah so I see you forgot about your family." She then continued on to tell him he was forgetting where he came from and was ignoring his family. How dare she!

Not only has he spoken to her every time she's called or texted him except one time, she's not made much more of an effort to communicate with us than we have with her. As for his entire family, he's spoken to them as much as he always has. I'm not sure where they're seeing anything different in his actions.

Background info:

We live seven hours away from his family. Up until half-way through the pregnancy we lived within 30 minutes of them. However, when we started a family I wanted to live in my hometown. So, at five months preggo we packed up and moved seven hours away from his family.

They weren't happy to say the least. I can understand, I mean I moved my MIL's only son and soon-to-be first grandchild two states away. But what they didn't understand is that I had been away from my family for five years and my family is much too tight-knit for me to do this without them. That's just the way it is, and Hubby B understood this before we were married.


Here's the deal...

What she said to Hubby B made him so upset.

Let me tell you what, he is dealing with a new momma at home, a new baby, a new promotion and a new house all while learning to be a dad. We're a little busy over here!

Whew! That feels better!