Kibosh on the Wash

I started off from day one having Hubby B do bath time with Baby J in attempts to get him involved with his nightly bedtime routine.

We're both working parents; so, I want to be sure we have all the quality time possible.

He heads back to get the water warm as I get a little naked baby ready to get so fresh and clean. We hover over our cute little man making sure all the crevices are good to go. At least that's what we use to do.

This week I was banned from bathtub time! Can you believe it?!

I leaned down to wipe Baby J's eyes and B looked up at me nicely, but seriously said, "We've got this you can go."

Break a girl's heart why don't ya?

I could've complained, but instead I stepped back and let them have father/son time.

I just adore the way he's taken on the roll of Dad.