Must-Have for Mommies

My boss loves to spend money. What's so great about this is that fact she's also a good friend and she likes to spend money on me as well! And by me I mean Baby J.

It helps that her two grandchildren recently moved away so she was excited about having another little one in her life. Anyways, she went a little shopping crazy for us before Baby J's arrival. Amongst the many things she got us were these Aden + Anais burpy bibs


Well, y'all let me tell you what, you need these burp clothes. Trust me. 

Go to Amazon now and buy them. Do it!

Okay, okay, I know the price is a little outrageous. We don't have a huge family income; in fact, Hubby B and I are a true average American family. But I would (and will) shell out the money for these when they need to be replaced. 

They're softer, shaped better and more absorbent than any other burp cloth we have. AND they even turn into bibs when the time comes. I happily do Baby J's laundry frequently just to have these clean!

Close yours eyes, bite the bullet and spend the money on these burp cloths, you won't regret it.