No Wrong Answer

Every night before we fall asleep I ask Hubby B to tell me one reason he loves me. There are no boundaries to his answer; although, I do veto some, ha! Many nights he'll roll his eyes at me because he knows the question is coming, but he always plays along. 

We've exchanged these reasons every night for a year now. 

And y'all, I think it's one of the best things to happen to our marriage. Even if we're arguing we tell each other a reason we love one another before bed and it solidifies our relationship.

Well, yesterday was not a good day for me and Hubby B. We got into a big argument yesterday morning that left both of us upset. Let's chalk it up to hormones from new birth control and a baby who had randomly decided he wasn't going to sleep...

As we crawled into bed I asked him one reason he loved me and he answered with the most perfect answer he's ever had...he said, 

"Because at the end of the day you're always there."

That's right y'all. That's love. 

Even if you're living with the perfect marriage, I'd still recommend exchanging these simple reasons for love every night. It can really be a beautiful thing that takes little effort to make your partner's day better.