Possible Insanity

At five weeks and three days, I packed up Hubby B and Baby J and went on our very first mini-vacation.

When I agreed to visit my Dad two hours away in North Carolina, I quickly began to question my sanity. Baby J is still so young and let's just say I'm still having mood swings feeling the rush of some of those post-baby hormones. Ha!

I spent the next few nights restless wondering how this little road trip would end. Would he cry the whole way? Would the mountain elevations make his ears hurt? Would it mess up his sleep schedule I've worked so hard on? The list goes on. We'll stop here so you don't think I'm too crazy.

Hey, it's my first baby. That's the only excuse I've got...

Here we are, it's Tuesday. We are back home, almost completely unpacked and everyone survived. In fact, it went surprisingly well. Our little angel slept the entire way on both trips. The elevations didn't bother his ears and his sleep schedule is still going strong!

This was certainly not my expected outcome of the trip. If someone is going to hit a road bump, literal or otherwise, it's going to be me or Hubby B. That's just the way things go. Who knows maybe Baby J is going to be our good luck charm.