Hallelujah...Eleven Weeks Later

Before you continue reading, this post may be considered TMI but that's okay...

The one thing no one ever prepares you for is the recovery stage of pregnancy. I'm not big on pain; in fact, my mom jokes that my medical records should read "fragile." So, recovery has been a little slower for me, and to say the idea of having sex postpartum made me nervous is an understatement

After shooting a baby out of your girly parts, sex is the last thing you ever want to think about. In these early parts of postpartum recovery I didn't think I'd ever want anything near me again. HA! The doctor gave me the "go ahead" for friendly activities at eight weeks, but I just haven't felt ready, much to the dismay of my sweet husband.

Well, eleven weeks postpartum I bit the bullet and faced my fears. We won't go into details, let's just say Hubby B is finally a happy man again. 


Was that too long to wait postpartum, did you wait longer? Moms out there have an opinion?