The Last Twenty

After having a baby my days seem so busy. There's always a chore or activity just waiting to be done. Then maternity leave ended, and those "busy" days are something I now look back on with laughter. 

Being a working mom is no joke.

Now that mommyhood has begun, you're technically working 24/7. Then you factor in your actual day job, the husband, your house, the pets and your personal sanity {oh and let's not forget about friends}! 

Is 24 hours in a day even enough?

But at 8:30 pm every night the world stops turning {at least mine does}. I grab a bottle and my baby and close the nursery door. The next twenty minutes are spent rocking with my little man. We talk, we smile, it's beautiful. Then I lay him in his crib, whisper "I love you"and quietly close his door.

These last 20 minutes have quickly become my favorite time of day.