Let's Call it a "Working" Vacation

Whew! I have barely made it through the week after last weekend, but here I am, finally on my couch with my baby and the DVR. Thank you Lord!

Last Thursday through Monday night at 9 pm was part vacation, part marathon, part parenthood challenge extraordinaire. 


Last weekend in Nashville had been planned long before we found out we were even pregnant due to a friend's wedding. After Baby J's arrival it quickly became about Hubby B's entire family meeting the new man of the family. 
Our first leg of the marathon ended at my Dad's house in North Carolina on Thursday night. We visited for about an hour, put Baby J to bed, hung out a while longer then hit the hay. Waking at 6:30, we were on the road for Music City by 7:45 am. 

The trip was going smoothly until our GPS kept telling us to turn around. After about twenty minutes of Hubby B hollering that he "likes going this way better," he realized he'd merged the wrong way. Yep, that's right, we were headed towards Chattanooga not Nashville. Of course this was also the very moment we needed to stop because Baby J was screaming.

After some fussing at each other we got back on the right road, got Baby J a new diaper and got momma a Diet Coke. We still made pretty good time and reached stop number two, my MIL's house, around 1 pm central time (yep, we even changed time-zones during this vacay).

 Just three hours after our arrival, every long lost in-law gathered in my MIL's living room. There was more cooing coming from that room than I've heard in the last month, and it wasn't from J. Even with all the hustle and bustle it ended as a pretty good night. 

Saturday night we got all dressed up and headed to downtown Nashville for the wedding. I love weddings, love them. And smack in the middle of this beautiful city? Yes please. So amazing.

{Also, we cleaned up pretty well, if I do say so myself.}

What ensued that night was a beautiful ceremony and a lot of beer celebrating. This was the first night I spent more then three hours away from Baby J before/during bedtime. Don't worry, I survived.

After shaking off a slight hangover, I wished Hubby B a happy first Father's Day and told him to get his lazy butt moving! Stretch three of the marathon was quickly approaching. By 11 am we were off to the opposite side of Nashville, where we attended college and where my FIL lives. 

Are you exhausted just reading this? Me too. We're almost done.

A dear friend of ours threw Baby J a little shower and it was lovely. We didn't get to see as many as friends as we'd hoped, but the important ones were certainly in attendance. The rest of the afternoon/night was spent with my FIL and other MIL.

Hubby B and I snuck away for a few more hours to enjoy a free, full-time babysitter lovin' on Baby J. The next morning we packed up and headed out. By 8 pm we finally made it home.

Guess who slept the whole drive back to our house. Me? Nope {I wish}. Hubby B and Baby J slept the entire seven hours!

And just to brag about my baby a little...after sleeping most of the way home that day, he still slept through the night! We've got a good one y'all!