Motivational Monday

Before I found out I was pregnant with Baby J, I was putting everything I had into my attempts to be accepted to law school. After receiving my Bachelor's degree and not being able to find a job, I decided to go for law school (something I had secretly been wanting to do for three years). 

So, I threw myself into studying, so much that it was detrimental. But I wanted it. Either way sweet Baby J put a stop to that dream. There was no way I could go to law school and be pregnant, or a new mom for that matter. It's just not realistic, it's not something we could ever afford now. 

That leaves me here. I have a wonderful job which I love. But is it my forever job? Can I see myself there for the rest of my days? I'm still not putting the degree I received to use. However, when I tell people I received a journalism degree they often cock their heads back in laughter while telling me it's a dead medium. To those people I say f* you, but I digress.

I'm currently being presented with the opportunity to follow another dream I've had tucked away. 

But I'm scared. 

What if it fails, what if I fail? 

Half of me is screaming, "there are too many risks." The other half is screaming, "Do it already!"

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Attempts to talk me into having a little courage are welcome!

Happy Monday Lovelies!