A New Kind of Shower

This is it. I love going all out for holidays, and as much as he hates to admit it Hubby B loves going all out just as much as me! Ha!

Here's the rundown on the forecast for our first Father's Day: 

We are headed back to Nashville, our home before having Baby J and where B was born and raised. We made the decision to leave when I got pregnant. Er, well, I decided we were leaving because I wanted to be closer to my family. Being the good husband he is, B packed up with no argument. 

So, this is it, our first trip back to Music City and it is the weekend of Father's Day! Ah! Dilemma!!

Honestly I didn't even realize it was Father's Day that weekend until a few days ago.

Shame on me? 

Here's where the dilemma begins, I have every second of our weekend there planned. When the hell are we going to do Father's Day? That Sunday we are doing Baby J's three month photos with a high school friend then driving to the other side of town for a baby shower then spending time with Hubby B's Dad.

After stewing over this problem for a couple of days it came to me!

Forget the Baby Shower, we're having a Father's Day shower! It's genius! 

Now for some inspiration...

Love this set of "party circles." Want to know what's even better about these? They are free along with invitations, tented cards, drink flags and a banner for free!

Did I mention it's a free download?

Possible goodie bags? I kind of like these...

Almost obsessed with this idea of a bow tie as the bow! I don't know about y'all but I love me some bow ties. Hubby B can't pull them off, but those who can look good and these boxes are pulling it off.

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What better way to welcome the guests than with a tie wreath? 

If you've got some ideas for a Father's Day party I'm up for some inspiration!