Photos for Father's Day

I snapped these sweets shots of Baby J the other day. Lately, he's been all smiles even with the sniffles and sneezes. 

He was wearing this cute little onesie we snagged from Wally world (that's right, Wal-Mart it was like three dollars and Hubby B was excited about it!) 

All I have to say is don't look down on some Wal-Mart clothes! These have made for the perfect photos to frame for Hubby B's first Father's Day!

I've been having some big issues getting good shots of this moving mess of a baby, but my mom's camera is making all the difference. So, you could say this is one excited momma.


  1. Gotta love Walmart! With how fast babies grow, it's crazy NOT to get at least some stuff from there! Their zipper Faded Glory onesies saved us a few times!

    -Noelle from

  2. I've got some of those onesies yet to be used. I've heard they're lifesavers! Now if only he fit in them!

  3. New follower from Toddle Along Tuesday! Your son is adorable.

  4. Oh he is so cute! He could wear anything and it would look good.

    Hey, they grow SO fast, there's really no need to spend a fortune on their clothes.


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