"That" Mom

I was never the girl who planned to have little kiddies running around; in fact, I never even expected to have one kid! Motherhood has been something completely unexpected for me.

For the past eleven weeks I've cried, smiled, learned, screamed and smiled some more. The enjoyment of motherhood has been a surprise for me. I prayed for ten months to find unconditional love that mothers speak of, and boy have I found it. 

That brings us to today. 

Today marks the last day of my maternity leave. 

If you would have asked me three weeks ago if I was ready to go back to work my response would've been, "Hell yes!"It's crazy how that has changed since then. I'm beginning to get emotional about the impending work week. 

I'm excited to interact with adults and return to gossiping with my co-workers. But I'll miss those lazy mornings snuggled up with Baby J watching our trashy reality TV. I'll miss those days that he is all smiles and giggles. I will not miss the fussy days and twenty minute naps. I guess it goes both ways, huh? 

Getting back to the point. Do you know what I mean by "that" mom? 

You know, the one who cries over everything, any situation becomes an emotional one. That's my mom. And y'all it is quickly becoming me!

I went to work part-time last week. Baby J stayed at home while one of my friends watched him. Later that day my mom asked if I cried when I left for work. I thought, "is she crazy? Why would I cry about going to work?"

Now I get it. Monday morning isn't even here yet, and I can already feel my tears building up. 

Hubby B told me to get through the day away from our little man he just reminds himself it's all for him. The harder we work the more we have to provide for Baby J now and in the future.

That's nice and all, but I've warned him to expect an emotional momma come Monday. 

So, here we go. A new chapter to my story. I'm officially a working mom.