Three Month Survival Guide

Guess what y' baby is now three months old! Three months! How is it possible that it's been three months since the doctor took me by surprise and sent me to the hospital.

That's right, it's been 85 days since I went to the doctor for our 38 week check-up and was told then and there that "we'd be having that baby in the next 24 hours." Our three days at the hospital were a whirlwind. And now our first three months has almost come to an end and I'm happy to say we are in a beautiful daily routine. Life is filled with a happy, cooing baby and a mom and dad who couldn't be more blessed. 

How'd we do it? Well, besides remembering that parenthood is a team effort, these little goodies got us from week one to week twelve.

These have been a lifesaver (we have three). Whether you use this brand or another, I'm officially a believer in swaddling. We swaddled Baby J up until the day of his three month birthday. He almost immediately falls asleep after being swaddled, it's been key factor in our bedtime routine.

You need a lot of burp cloths. A lot. If you think you have enough you don't, get more. My boss got me these wonderful bibs and they are ah-mazing! I know you probably want those adorable burp cloths with your little one's monogram, but they're not nearly as wonderful as these! 

Nuk Pacifiers

I'm sure every baby is different, but this is the only brand of pacifier Baby J will use. Picky baby you say? You bet your butt he is. That's okay with me because this is a great brand and one my entire family of dentists recommend.

Bouncer Chair

I can't say enough about the need for this chair. The words "Life Saver" are an understatement.

If you aren't ordering these last three things through Amazon then you are crazy. In fact, our true survival guide around this house has been our Amazon Mom/Prime account. If you don't have one, get one. You'll thank me. We've saved hundreds of dollars already.

Well, that's the gist of it. The things I needed on a daily basis for these first three months. Like I said in the beginning, remembering parenthood is a team effort is key to having a happy baby!