Weekend Get-Away

Sorry about the lack of posting this week lovely readers! 

Here's a quick update on our little life:

We finally made it to Nashville yesterday and Jackson met every family member under the sun last night. My MIL is officially in heaven, and Hubby B and I got to sleep in this morning! That's right, I said sleep in. I wasn't sure I'd ever know what those words meant again. Hooray for Grandparents!

Tonight we head off to a dear friend's wedding. I just love weddings, especially ones I get to go to with Hubby B. They always just make you feel so happy inside. It's almost like a mini renewal of our vows as we sit there holding hands while the preacher speaks.

A good southern wedding at a historic church in downtown Nashville followed by a reception at a rooftop location with great views...Sign me up! 

 We'll be back to reality on Monday with all the nitty gritty details of the weekend!

Happy weekend y'all!