What I'm Loving Wednesday

Woo Hoo! I am loving that it's Wednesday! 

{Let's just say it's been a long week at work.}

Also, it's almost July and I'm pretty pumped. Why? Because our three year wedding anniversary {August 2} is just around the corner! That would be exciting in itself, but we've got big plans! Or, at least big plans in the world of me and Hubby B.

On August 5, the Mr. and I will jump in the car and head to Charlotte to see these guys...


I love them. He loves them. This is rare for us to both love a band. 

About two years ago, long before Baby J was even a thought, we saw them in Nashville. And y'all, words cannot describe how good the show was. I mean, damn. They were so good!!!

This means that August 5 will be the first night I leave my precious baby at home and spend the night an entire hour away. 

Cue the nerves?

Nah, I'm too excited to be nervous about leaving Baby J {at least for now}