A Truly Relaxing Weekend

This weekend has been amazing. My MIL, SIL and Hubby B's best friend came in town to visit with us and Baby J.  I'll be honest, my MIL can sometimes stress me out. Often times I feel like she's always over my shoulder...

But this weekend? She was beyond helpful. Bottles were washed, dinner was cooked, the baby was spoiled {and not by me}. So, what have I done? Oh you know, gone to the museum, shopped, seen a movie and caught up on some blogging. 

Life is good. What a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

The Get-Away: Day Three

*The countdown continues. We're only a couple of days away from reaching our three year wedding anniversary!*

It doesn't matter if you're single or married, vacations are always the highlight to every year. While we haven't gotten to take as many big trips as I'd like, Hubby B and I have had our fair share of fun. 

Of course, every married woman must talk about her honeymoon, right?

I had a hard time choosing our honeymoon. Europe was immediately ruled out, our budget just wasn't going to accommodate that dream. So then I started thinking, Bahamas? Jamaica? New York?

This is where we ended up...

Cancun, Mexico.

Yep, that's right, Cancun. When someone first suggested this destination as our honeymoon I thought, "MTV spring break? No thank you." But all of my worries quickly melted away in the Mexican heat. Cancun was ah-mazing! There was no "spring break" atmosphere, only wonderful drinks, beautiful views and a perfect first trip as husband and wife.

Want to know what almost outdid our honeymoon?

Oh, Vegas, you were beyond words. 

Seriously. Planet Hollywood as a hotel, Bellagio across the street, David Spade stand-up show and finished the trip off with a Dave Matthews Band concert. Um, yeah, wow. I still can't get over how insane this trip was. If you're considering a trip to sin city, do it! Do it now!

Okay, now I'm going to be thinking about vacations all day.

The Ups & Downs: Day Four

Lately, I've been thinking about how absolutely nerve-wracking marriage can be. 

When the stress of every little detail in life is weighing down on you, the relationship unintentionally ends up on the back burner. This, my friends, is not good for a relationship.

This was a stressful week for me and Hubby B. I feel like we were pushing each other's buttons left and right. Weeks like this, I think about our wedding vows, I think about the bigger picture and remember and that one bad week is just that one bad week.


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Day Five

Back to our anniversary countdown with one of my top five favorite things to do ever:

Visit Opryland during the Christmas season.

Up until late last year we lived in/outside of Nashville, TN. I never thought I'd live in the state of Tennessee.  But you know what? I loved it. The city is amazing and {most} of the people are easy-going, laid-back characters.

For me, one the best times of year in the city was Christmas. Opryland {just 20 minutes from our house} transformed into heaven on earth with lights, trees and decorations galore. 

Since the flood in Nashville {May 2010} Opryland has completely renovated their resort and convention center. It was beautiful before...

And now? I've heard it's just amazing.

Their "grand re-opening" was done about a month after we moved back to South Carolina. So? We haven't been to visit the hotel in almost two years. This makes me sad.

 I'm officially making it my goal to get back to Nashville this holiday season at the very least to see Opryland.

The Makings of a Family: Day Six

We may not have had an actual baby until March 2011, but Hubby B and I have had babies since our one year {dating} anniversary. 

Hello, pretty girl...

Yep, that's Millie. She's our first baby and by far the sweetest. She's a friend, a protector, a little {now big} love bug. We couldn't imagine our life without her. If your sad she comes to cuddle. If your happy she leaps for her toys. If your napping she's there to spoon. Yeah, that's right, I spoon with my dog and so does Hubby B.

Three years later we got this little ball of trouble and our world turned upside down.

Baxter was my birthday present and I love him. He can be the biggest, little twit you've ever met, but look at that face...How could you not love him?

These pups {I refuse to use the word "furbabies"} were our entire life until Baby J came along. And you know what? They still are. 

And now? They are best friends. 

And some day Baby J will be their best friend, too.

On the Fritz: Day Seven

Okay, lovely readers. Did you miss my anniversary countdown yesterday? 

From the lack of comments on these posts I'm going to say no. But that's alright. Why? Because these posts aren't for you they're for me. And if you learn a little more about me along the way then great. Do I want you to comment? YES! Why? So I feel loved. 


Yesterday's post didn't happen because my sweet Macbook is on the fritz. It's still living but you could say that it's made frequent trips to the IT ER this week. So yeah. My photos? They are all still around but in quite a jumble. 

So, today I will spare you my stories of me and Hubby B and share this video I found thanks to Green Wedding Shoes. {do you read this blog? If not, you should!}

Here it is, a wedding video. That's right, I said a wedding video. I know what you're thinking, really Mags wedding videos are so 1994. But wait! Hear me out. Elysium Productions takes what you imagine the old school wedding video to be and stomps all over it!

Watch for yourself...I almost cried and I have no idea who these people are, just sayin'.

Want to know what's even more amazing than this video? Elysium Productions will do what they call a "Same day edit" so you can watch a recap of your wedding day at your reception! I'm not kidding.

 I wish I knew about them when I was getting married!

Oh, How Pinteresting

Want to know something exciting? Hubby B and I have started looking for a new house!! 

I am beyond excited about this. Not just so that we can finally have our own space again, but so that I can make it the most quaint little abode ever! And what better place to find inspiration than Pinterest?

Love these frames made by Organic Bloom

The white frames are so fresh and I the custom prints are so lovely.

The small print are wedding vows with the couple's name in the center.
The white frame even looks good in the bathroom!
{all via}

Can you tell I'm liking the white? We've always had darker colors in our house, but for some reason I'm really wanting to do the new house in clean, fresh colors. Now, if we could just find the perfect house to decorate!


Happy pinning!


Getting to Know You: Day Eight

After enduring a long-distnace relationship for our first year of dating, I moved to Nashville to be closer to Hubby B. Let's not sugar-coat things, if you looked past my excitement of finally being in the same city as him, I was completely terrified.

Living with someone is a big deal. Staying the night or even a few nights with someone is one thing. Seeing a person every waking second of every day is another thing entirely. People have the weirdest habits. Yes, you love them. Yes, you'll learn to look past these habbits. But first? First, you have to see these awful habits for yourself.

What's one of Hubby B's bad habits that drove me crazy at first {and sometimes still to this day}? 

Drum roll please.....

He often treated his best friend like a girlfriend. No worries, his bestie felt as strongly about him as well. They had lived together and depended on each other for everything in years prior so I will cut him a little slack. But? Every now and then I wanted to scream, "HELLO, it's me, your FIANCE!! Remember me?"

My other biggest pet peeve of Hubby B's? One lazy Saturday while he was working I did all the laundry and put it away. From then on out it was as if he forget what a washer and dryer were, what they did and where clothes went after being cleaned. I'm not kidding, y'all. He once said "but I don't know where my clothes go" when I asked him to at least put his clothes away. No joke. My jaw hit the floor.

It's okay, this issue has certainly been addressed. That's the beauty of living together. Because even though there are days you'll think your partner has gone completely nuts, there are others you'll come home to a clean kitchen and every single piece of laundry washed, folded and put in its proper place.

This is when you remember how blessed you are to have found partnership.

{our first Valentine's Day as an "official" couple - 2008}

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday y'all! Hope it's one filled with happiness!

Popping the Question: Day Nine

You know that perfect engagement story you hear from your friends? 

The exquisitely planned scenario where there are candles and rose peddles and prince charming gets down on one knee? A little something like this...

Well, that was not our engagement. {this photo was from my 19th birthday, it was wonderful, but not my engagement}

No, no. Our engagement was a little more clumsily done than this. 

For several months we had talked about getting engaged. We'd even gone to look for rings so that Hubby B would know what his extremely indecisive bride-to-be wanted. As the holidays approached I knew it had to be coming. I mean what better time to get engaged than the holidays?

Well, one day I got a call from Hubby B saying he "just couldn't afford it right now." I quickly told him that was fine, but inside I was pretty upset. I hadn't seen that coming at all. 

So, after an extremely long week of school I jumped in my car and headed for Tennessee.  I was currently in school in Tuscaloosa, AL {Roll Tide} but I was fed up with everything to do with the city at the moment and needed a break. Even though Hubby B had been planning to come to visit me that weekend in T-town for only the second time ever, I just had to hit the road. 

About an hour into the drive I called to tell him about the change of plans. Honestly? He sounded completely preoccupied. I explained my horrible week and all he had to say was, "what, why are you coming here?" I had just explained it to him! Did he not want me to come see him? 

Not happy with my little call to him, I furiously proclaimed I was turning around and going back home. I didn't really, I just wanted him to know I was mad. Yes, I'm a drama queen or at least I have my moments.

When I arrived to Hubby B's apartment he and his other bestie were just hanging out. 

Was I in a good mood? Hell no I wasn't. First he was rude on the phone and now he had people over? Not okay. His home was basically "our home" and I typically wanted to be alone when I first arrived to my quasi-home. 

When I proceeded to sit next to him on the couch what did he do? Ask me for my "promise ring" {yes, I wore a promise ring for almost six months before we got engaged} and attempt to take it off. I was so upset. Was he mad at me? Why did he want my ring? Had I been that rude on the phone?

He finally got my ring from my finger {let's note I had a red finger from the this little battle}. I assertively told him to give it back. 

Flash forward to him fumbling around in his pocket and returning a ring to my finger. I looked down to see a beautiful engagement ring. 

Apparently he had been planning some kind of proposal, but I threw him off guard when I made a change of plans on the day he picked up the engagement ring. And his best friend? Oh, he was there to document the moment. 

It's not your typical love story, but it's ours and I love it.

Did you check out Day Ten?

Love is in The Air: Day Ten

Okay, I'm warning y'all now, the next ten days will be filled with mushy, gushy moments of me and Hubby B. It won't be gushy to the point of disgust, don't worry, but it will certainly all revolve around love.

What's with the love fest? 

Well, our three year anniversary is 10 days away!! And to honor the big year we've had, I'd like to take a trip down memory lane. Why? Because love {partnership} really is a beautiful journey. And no matter where we find ourselves now, it's important to remember how we got here.

{my first favorite picture, three months after we started dating}
It is insane to my mind that I'm not the 19-year-old girl who met him by true fate many, many Sunday nights in the past. I was young and getting over my first love; he was in a band, living the life of a wannabe rockstar. 

Was it love at first sight? Do you think it exists? As far as I know, Hubby B swears up and down he knew from the night he met me that I was the one. I love when he tells me his version of the night we met. {I get butterflies} I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to have a husband that loved you at first sight? 


So, on this tenth day before our three year anniversary, I want to thank Hubby B for knowing it was me. For putting up the fight, making the effort and showing me what true love is.

I would never have known how to truly love if it weren't for him, so thanks. Thanks for the long nights you put up with a grade-obsessed undergrad. Thanks for loving me when I get to be (as you call it) Emo-E. Thanks for holding me when I was down and loving me when I was lost. Thanks for allowing me to find the way of my errors, while fighting for me every step of the way. 

Is is Friday Yet?

I am literally dying for it to be Friday at 5:00 pm. Why? Because I'm going to enjoy my first night with no baby, no family and no husband. Just me and my BFF.

Tomorrow will mark the first time in a little over four months that I've had some "me time."

Am I excited? More like ecstatic!

This may sound crazy, but we only get to see each other a few times every year. It's been this way since we graduated from high school. Is she still my BFF? You bet. She's the best, even if we are very far apart from each other most of the time.

Right now? We are both residing in the same city. Too bad I just had a baby and started back at work full-time. This means I still don't get to see her nearly as much as I want to.

But tomorrow this all changes. We're having a girl's night.

What are we planning? Dinner at Bonefish Grill, a trip to Target and dessert at 32°. It should be wonderful.

For real though, check out her blog, she's about to begin an amazing journey in life!

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Lately I've been lost in recipe land. And Pinterest has been my saving grace. Now that I've been collecting recipes for some time my "bookmark" bar is full to the brim and reading through link names gets daunting. Once I've found a recipe I can always associate it with a picture, but when your "bookmarks" list consists of a million "chocolate cupcakes" it gets hard to decipher one recipe from another.

This leads me to a huge {Thanks!} to whomever created Pinterest. Now, I have all these wonderful recipes in one place that I can scroll through to see their sweet photos. It is SO much easier this way. 

Want to see what's on my immediate "to bake" list? Yeah you do! I'm just saying, at least I think you should!

{all via Pinterest of course}

Confession: I'm a chocoholic.

Or had you figured that out already? HA!

I'm narrowing down and tweaking my many recipes for a certain something I really hope to get off the ground, er well, on the road, soon. 

Happy pinning people!! Now, link up with Michelle!


Present Failure

Confession: Hubby B and I have been bad friends.

Some good friends of ours got married last month {you know, when we visited Nashville}. Well, we have still not sent them a present...it's been over a month now.


I can't believe I'm lagging this much! I'm normally so good with this type of stuff. But currently I'm drowning in work overload, a baby who won't get better {he now has a virus} and a house that is always messy. So, I fail at wedding presents this summer.

Since we're so late to on the gift, I've decided maybe we should send something a little more special than the only odds and ends left on their registry. 

Enter this...



Must get one for myself while I'm at it.

Motivational Monday

{all via}

My thoughts and prayers are with the Sikes family and their sweet angel

Hormones & Other Mommy Musings

Let's have some girl/mommy chat shall we?

My hormones have always been kind of out of whack. Why? Because of the PCOS. And it's something I've learned to live with. Since the day I was told I had PCOS my life changed in the smallest most annoying ways possible. 

Yes, I had been dealing with this long before the doctor confirmed it, but now I knew

 I knew why estrogen-packed birth control pills made me sick, I knew why my metabolism struggled on a daily basis, I knew why I had to go see my waxer every two to three weeks, I knew why I would slip into random depressive moods. Now, I knew. I also knew that there is really only a limited about of things you can do for all of these seriously annoying "symptoms" of this syndrome.

So, it's apparent now that my hormones and I have a love-hate relationship. When I found out I was pregnant, I thought maybe this was it, my hormones must be somewhat normal! I mean if I could get pregnant that meant something was right, right?

Well, let me tell you, my hormones didn't get any better during pregnancy. In fact, it just became a different kind of worse. Who knows, maybe it was normal. Normal for a pregnant lady.

Now, postpartum {by almost four months} my hormones are still having a freakin' hay day. My deodarent has stopped working. I've now tried three different brands! My facewash {proactive} has also taken a turn for the worse. Not only is it no longer preventing breakouts, my face burns when I use it. And I've been successfully using Proactive since I was 15. Nothing else has EVER worked for my skin, EVER. Let's not forget about my hair. Well, it's really more my scalp. It is dry as a dessert and itchy, itchy, itchy. It's so bad I'm having to make a trip to the dermatologist.

What the hell hormones?!

Give me a break. Please. I'm begging you.

In other mommy-related news, we've officially survived our first ear infection.

{sick baby}
About a week ago Baby J was super fussy to the point that daycare had me come check on him. The next day our pediatrician confirmed he had an ear infection. Sigh. Worry set in for this mom. I had chronic ear infections as a child and so did Hubby B. I am still praying this isn't the start of a long line of infections. Why? Oh, only because he stopped sleeping through the night this past week.

What's that? You're thinking boo-who for Momma Mags? I know, I'm spoiled that Baby J has been sleeping through the night since six weeks old. But not being use to 3 am, 4 am, and 5am wake times is like a slap in the face and then being run over by a bus the next morning. It's not fun and it's not good for my attitude. Seriously, he's lucky he's so darn cute.

The ear infection is now gone and my angel has slept through the last three nights. HALLELUJAH!!

{happy baby}
I'd love if you lovely moms out there would chime in on you postpartum hormones. Is my body crazy? Did you experience something similar? Odd as it may be I'd love to know I'm not alone!

Oh, How Pinteresting!

So, if you've been around my blog for a bit, you know I'm already searching the world wide web for one-year old birthday party ideas for Baby J. Yes, I know he is only 3 and 1/2 months old. But this mama likes to be prepared.

At the beginning of this week, I was planning to feature several parties in this post, but I'm so in love with every detail of this party I just had to show it all to you!

Obsessed with these cake pops!

The take-home goodies!
{all via}
Don't you love that they didn't forget about the adults who'd officially survived the first year of parenting! 

See more events by Modishly Delish!

Happy Wednesday, y'all, now go link up with Michelle!


Toddle-Along Tuesday

Linking up with Mama G and Kristin  again for this wonderful hop!

I just love these ladies and their blogs. You know what's even better? Their Twitter accounts! I'm not kidding, so go find these ladies here and here. AND while you're at it, you can find me on twitter too!

For those of you stopping by new this week {welcome!} To those of you who have become a follower thanks to this linky {thanks} I'm so enjoying following y'all too!

Thanks for hosting Mama G and Kristin!

Monday Motivation

Let's talk about love...

{all via}
Motherhood can be overwhelming in ways I never imagined. Not just overwhelming in stress and poopy diapers, but more so overwhelming in love. It's something I never expected in life. Something I worried for nine months of pregnancy was that I might not feel the way people describe. But now I know, motherhood is indescribably beautiful. So all you mommies out there take an extra minute today to soak up those sweet moments with your little ones. 

Happy Monday y'all, hope it's a good one!

In the Know: Road to Pregnancy

Most of my posts here are about the sweet life I'm currently living with Hubby B and Baby J, but do you ever wonder how we got here? I've lived this life and I sure as hell wonder how we got here, so I'm sure you do too!

I won't give you the entire spiel in this one post, but I will give you at least a few of the juicy details.

Let's go back to June 2010. This is where our current journey began.

Hubby B and I had been going through a rough time. In fact, the month of June was the brightest we had seen in almost four months. Our love for each other began to grow more than it had in a long time. So, we started to talk about the future.

 I wanted law school, he wanted kids. 

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS and told I had a 2-5% chance of ever having my own children {without the help of IVF or some other treatments}. This was around the time the movie Juno came out. Jennifer Garner played a lovely woman who'd transformed into a crazy bitch because she was so focused on becoming pregnant. I was determined this would NEVER be me. Over the course of the next few years, I talked myself out of kids. I wasn't ever the type to be dying to have kiddies anyway so what was the big deal, really? The only problem was that Hubby B, when he was just Boyfriend B, made it clear he wanted at least one bambino.

So, I agreed that I would talk to my doctor and begin making plans to have a baby after law school. He not so willingly agreed to wait the three years. 

After this convo, I began doing my part. I knew if I was to get pregnant I needed to be in shape. This is when we welcomed P90X and Tony {the guy who does those videos} into our lives. We had a love/hate relationship with Tony, but omg was he getting us into shape. I was shedding pounds like I never had before. At the end of our first month I had lost almost 15 pounds!! I knew we were on the right track. On top of getting in shape, I began taking meds to help control my hormones {prescribed my my doc of course}.

At the time, I was working as a Nanny for the most amazing one-year-old little boy. He was beyond words. I'd been a Nanny before and none of the kids ever made me want to have kids. But this one, this one was special. Every day at "work" {he was so good it wasn't really work} I told myself if I ever had a baby I hoped he'd be like him. 

Then August came...

And we found out our family of two was now going to be three...

Wedding Day 08/02/08
Now friends, I'm going to leave you hanging. Stop by next weekend to find out how we came to know about Baby J! AND just because I'm loving sharing my life with y'all here is the first photo of me and Hubby B to grace this lil' blog.

Happy Saturday!

Oh, How Pinteresting

Linking up with The Vintage Apple {only one of my favorite new reads} for this genius hop!

Do you have a Pinterest account? Need an invite? Send me an email and I'll send you an invite, it's worth it. Seriously, this is better than Facebook. That's right, I said it. Better than Facebook.

So, for my first time linking up let's look at things I want to must make thanks to Pinterest...

Weekly Calendar Tiles
Mickey Cupcakes (LOVE)

If only I had a girl...
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Okay, okay, now go out and do this...