Getting to Know You: Day Eight

After enduring a long-distnace relationship for our first year of dating, I moved to Nashville to be closer to Hubby B. Let's not sugar-coat things, if you looked past my excitement of finally being in the same city as him, I was completely terrified.

Living with someone is a big deal. Staying the night or even a few nights with someone is one thing. Seeing a person every waking second of every day is another thing entirely. People have the weirdest habits. Yes, you love them. Yes, you'll learn to look past these habbits. But first? First, you have to see these awful habits for yourself.

What's one of Hubby B's bad habits that drove me crazy at first {and sometimes still to this day}? 

Drum roll please.....

He often treated his best friend like a girlfriend. No worries, his bestie felt as strongly about him as well. They had lived together and depended on each other for everything in years prior so I will cut him a little slack. But? Every now and then I wanted to scream, "HELLO, it's me, your FIANCE!! Remember me?"

My other biggest pet peeve of Hubby B's? One lazy Saturday while he was working I did all the laundry and put it away. From then on out it was as if he forget what a washer and dryer were, what they did and where clothes went after being cleaned. I'm not kidding, y'all. He once said "but I don't know where my clothes go" when I asked him to at least put his clothes away. No joke. My jaw hit the floor.

It's okay, this issue has certainly been addressed. That's the beauty of living together. Because even though there are days you'll think your partner has gone completely nuts, there are others you'll come home to a clean kitchen and every single piece of laundry washed, folded and put in its proper place.

This is when you remember how blessed you are to have found partnership.

{our first Valentine's Day as an "official" couple - 2008}