In the Know: Road to Pregnancy

Most of my posts here are about the sweet life I'm currently living with Hubby B and Baby J, but do you ever wonder how we got here? I've lived this life and I sure as hell wonder how we got here, so I'm sure you do too!

I won't give you the entire spiel in this one post, but I will give you at least a few of the juicy details.

Let's go back to June 2010. This is where our current journey began.

Hubby B and I had been going through a rough time. In fact, the month of June was the brightest we had seen in almost four months. Our love for each other began to grow more than it had in a long time. So, we started to talk about the future.

 I wanted law school, he wanted kids. 

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS and told I had a 2-5% chance of ever having my own children {without the help of IVF or some other treatments}. This was around the time the movie Juno came out. Jennifer Garner played a lovely woman who'd transformed into a crazy bitch because she was so focused on becoming pregnant. I was determined this would NEVER be me. Over the course of the next few years, I talked myself out of kids. I wasn't ever the type to be dying to have kiddies anyway so what was the big deal, really? The only problem was that Hubby B, when he was just Boyfriend B, made it clear he wanted at least one bambino.

So, I agreed that I would talk to my doctor and begin making plans to have a baby after law school. He not so willingly agreed to wait the three years. 

After this convo, I began doing my part. I knew if I was to get pregnant I needed to be in shape. This is when we welcomed P90X and Tony {the guy who does those videos} into our lives. We had a love/hate relationship with Tony, but omg was he getting us into shape. I was shedding pounds like I never had before. At the end of our first month I had lost almost 15 pounds!! I knew we were on the right track. On top of getting in shape, I began taking meds to help control my hormones {prescribed my my doc of course}.

At the time, I was working as a Nanny for the most amazing one-year-old little boy. He was beyond words. I'd been a Nanny before and none of the kids ever made me want to have kids. But this one, this one was special. Every day at "work" {he was so good it wasn't really work} I told myself if I ever had a baby I hoped he'd be like him. 

Then August came...

And we found out our family of two was now going to be three...

Wedding Day 08/02/08
Now friends, I'm going to leave you hanging. Stop by next weekend to find out how we came to know about Baby J! AND just because I'm loving sharing my life with y'all here is the first photo of me and Hubby B to grace this lil' blog.

Happy Saturday!