Love is in The Air: Day Ten

Okay, I'm warning y'all now, the next ten days will be filled with mushy, gushy moments of me and Hubby B. It won't be gushy to the point of disgust, don't worry, but it will certainly all revolve around love.

What's with the love fest? 

Well, our three year anniversary is 10 days away!! And to honor the big year we've had, I'd like to take a trip down memory lane. Why? Because love {partnership} really is a beautiful journey. And no matter where we find ourselves now, it's important to remember how we got here.

{my first favorite picture, three months after we started dating}
It is insane to my mind that I'm not the 19-year-old girl who met him by true fate many, many Sunday nights in the past. I was young and getting over my first love; he was in a band, living the life of a wannabe rockstar. 

Was it love at first sight? Do you think it exists? As far as I know, Hubby B swears up and down he knew from the night he met me that I was the one. I love when he tells me his version of the night we met. {I get butterflies} I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to have a husband that loved you at first sight? 


So, on this tenth day before our three year anniversary, I want to thank Hubby B for knowing it was me. For putting up the fight, making the effort and showing me what true love is.

I would never have known how to truly love if it weren't for him, so thanks. Thanks for the long nights you put up with a grade-obsessed undergrad. Thanks for loving me when I get to be (as you call it) Emo-E. Thanks for holding me when I was down and loving me when I was lost. Thanks for allowing me to find the way of my errors, while fighting for me every step of the way.