The Makings of a Family: Day Six

We may not have had an actual baby until March 2011, but Hubby B and I have had babies since our one year {dating} anniversary. 

Hello, pretty girl...

Yep, that's Millie. She's our first baby and by far the sweetest. She's a friend, a protector, a little {now big} love bug. We couldn't imagine our life without her. If your sad she comes to cuddle. If your happy she leaps for her toys. If your napping she's there to spoon. Yeah, that's right, I spoon with my dog and so does Hubby B.

Three years later we got this little ball of trouble and our world turned upside down.

Baxter was my birthday present and I love him. He can be the biggest, little twit you've ever met, but look at that face...How could you not love him?

These pups {I refuse to use the word "furbabies"} were our entire life until Baby J came along. And you know what? They still are. 

And now? They are best friends. 

And some day Baby J will be their best friend, too.