Monday Motivation

Let's talk about love...

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Motherhood can be overwhelming in ways I never imagined. Not just overwhelming in stress and poopy diapers, but more so overwhelming in love. It's something I never expected in life. Something I worried for nine months of pregnancy was that I might not feel the way people describe. But now I know, motherhood is indescribably beautiful. So all you mommies out there take an extra minute today to soak up those sweet moments with your little ones. 

Happy Monday y'all, hope it's a good one!


  1. Love this post Mags! Definitely perked me up. I just finished cleaning Jonah's room for the umpteenth time and was feeling a little overwhelmed. Jonah just waltzed up, as I was about to collapse, and handed me his Old Mcdonald book with a sweet little smile across his adorable face. I opened it and read to him while he grinned the whole way through. It completely made my night and then I saw your post. Those little moments make it all worth it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your newest GFC follower from Monday Monkey Hop!

    Southern Mama Bri


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