Oh, How Pinteresting!

Lately I've been lost in recipe land. And Pinterest has been my saving grace. Now that I've been collecting recipes for some time my "bookmark" bar is full to the brim and reading through link names gets daunting. Once I've found a recipe I can always associate it with a picture, but when your "bookmarks" list consists of a million "chocolate cupcakes" it gets hard to decipher one recipe from another.

This leads me to a huge {Thanks!} to whomever created Pinterest. Now, I have all these wonderful recipes in one place that I can scroll through to see their sweet photos. It is SO much easier this way. 

Want to see what's on my immediate "to bake" list? Yeah you do! I'm just saying, at least I think you should!

{all via Pinterest of course}

Confession: I'm a chocoholic.

Or had you figured that out already? HA!

I'm narrowing down and tweaking my many recipes for a certain something I really hope to get off the ground, er well, on the road, soon. 

Happy pinning people!! Now, link up with Michelle!