On the Fritz: Day Seven

Okay, lovely readers. Did you miss my anniversary countdown yesterday? 

From the lack of comments on these posts I'm going to say no. But that's alright. Why? Because these posts aren't for you they're for me. And if you learn a little more about me along the way then great. Do I want you to comment? YES! Why? So I feel loved. 


Yesterday's post didn't happen because my sweet Macbook is on the fritz. It's still living but you could say that it's made frequent trips to the IT ER this week. So yeah. My photos? They are all still around but in quite a jumble. 

So, today I will spare you my stories of me and Hubby B and share this video I found thanks to Green Wedding Shoes. {do you read this blog? If not, you should!}

Here it is, a wedding video. That's right, I said a wedding video. I know what you're thinking, really Mags wedding videos are so 1994. But wait! Hear me out. Elysium Productions takes what you imagine the old school wedding video to be and stomps all over it!

Watch for yourself...I almost cried and I have no idea who these people are, just sayin'.

Want to know what's even more amazing than this video? Elysium Productions will do what they call a "Same day edit" so you can watch a recap of your wedding day at your reception! I'm not kidding.

 I wish I knew about them when I was getting married!