Popping the Question: Day Nine

You know that perfect engagement story you hear from your friends? 

The exquisitely planned scenario where there are candles and rose peddles and prince charming gets down on one knee? A little something like this...

Well, that was not our engagement. {this photo was from my 19th birthday, it was wonderful, but not my engagement}

No, no. Our engagement was a little more clumsily done than this. 

For several months we had talked about getting engaged. We'd even gone to look for rings so that Hubby B would know what his extremely indecisive bride-to-be wanted. As the holidays approached I knew it had to be coming. I mean what better time to get engaged than the holidays?

Well, one day I got a call from Hubby B saying he "just couldn't afford it right now." I quickly told him that was fine, but inside I was pretty upset. I hadn't seen that coming at all. 

So, after an extremely long week of school I jumped in my car and headed for Tennessee.  I was currently in school in Tuscaloosa, AL {Roll Tide} but I was fed up with everything to do with the city at the moment and needed a break. Even though Hubby B had been planning to come to visit me that weekend in T-town for only the second time ever, I just had to hit the road. 

About an hour into the drive I called to tell him about the change of plans. Honestly? He sounded completely preoccupied. I explained my horrible week and all he had to say was, "what, why are you coming here?" I had just explained it to him! Did he not want me to come see him? 

Not happy with my little call to him, I furiously proclaimed I was turning around and going back home. I didn't really, I just wanted him to know I was mad. Yes, I'm a drama queen or at least I have my moments.

When I arrived to Hubby B's apartment he and his other bestie were just hanging out. 

Was I in a good mood? Hell no I wasn't. First he was rude on the phone and now he had people over? Not okay. His home was basically "our home" and I typically wanted to be alone when I first arrived to my quasi-home. 

When I proceeded to sit next to him on the couch what did he do? Ask me for my "promise ring" {yes, I wore a promise ring for almost six months before we got engaged} and attempt to take it off. I was so upset. Was he mad at me? Why did he want my ring? Had I been that rude on the phone?

He finally got my ring from my finger {let's note I had a red finger from the this little battle}. I assertively told him to give it back. 

Flash forward to him fumbling around in his pocket and returning a ring to my finger. I looked down to see a beautiful engagement ring. 

Apparently he had been planning some kind of proposal, but I threw him off guard when I made a change of plans on the day he picked up the engagement ring. And his best friend? Oh, he was there to document the moment. 

It's not your typical love story, but it's ours and I love it.

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