Speed Dating 101 and a Birthday

Yesterday was Hubby B's birthday...he's officially 28 years young!

To celebrate, we left Baby J with his Sulli {grandma} and ran to grab a bite to eat. We only had one hour. Just one!

Want to know something? One hour is not a long time.

That's when it dawned on me, this must be what speed dating feels like.  Ordering as soon as you sit down, devouring the food as soon as it hits the table and talking as much as the eating will allow. You know, the parent version of speed dating.

I could feel my heart getting anxious that one hour was going to be up so soon! And I found myself giggling when B hurriedly gave the waitress our debit card, rather than waiting for the check. He was obviously thinking the same thing...

This race to the finish was certainly a classic first-time parent birthday experience. Oh, and in all the hustle of the day, I completely forgot to pick up his cake on the way home from work. {Wife Fail}

Happy Birthday B, it's the thought that counts!

Well that and the iPad he got this weekend!

I'd say that puts me back on top, right?

Fun With our Phones {week four}

Hope you're joining me and Savannah for today's link-up!

{I've loved seeing y'alls photos the past few weeks. A BIG thanks to everyone who's joined us!}

When I looked at my phone photos from this week I was floored to realize how big Baby J has gotten. I mean it's ridiculous.

The photo on the left was from July's visit to the doctor.

Th photo on the right is from our doctor's checkup last Monday...

It's like a different baby! Where is my newborn?


This Tuesday will be one year since our first official pre-natal doctor's appointment. August 30, 2010 {Hubby B's birthday} we saw our baby for the first time.

This is Baby J's first ever phone photo:

August 30,  2010

And now?

August 26, 2011
Now he is learning new things every day. Like how much he loves his jumper.

Whew, it is mad how time flies.

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Happy Monday!

Motivational Monday: Hope Sings


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Mommy Brain: The Ideal Excuse

Showing up to work in flips flop {three times in two weeks}...Mommy Brain.

Losing the burp cloth while it's on your shoulder....Mommy Brain.

Completely forgetting a doctor's appointment for yourself...Mommy Brain.

Finding chicken in the fridge that went bad {a week ago, bleh}...Mommy Brain.

Addressing 10 letters at work incorrectly...Mommy Brain.

Losing your keys {in the diaper bag} twice a day...Mommy Brain.

Finally running an errand only to forget where you're going minutes later...Mommy Brain.

So ladies, to sum it up...

When you find yourself doing something foolish just remind onlookers you've got a baby at home. Their expressions will turn from "WTF" to "Oh, honey, we get it," in a matter of seconds.

And? It's the excuse that will officially last a lifetime...or at least the next 18 years.

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Happy Friday, y'all!

The Case of the Snoring Baby

It's been about a month since J developed a little cough. This cough first started with his ear infection and has transitioned with us into teething. {last week, our pedi mentioned it may be allergies sigh} Either way, you can hear a little rattle in his nose throughout the day.

But mainly? This little rattle of his comes out as he falls asleep. And sometimes, he sounds like a snoring little man. As I rocked with him a few nights ago I couldn't help but think..."I would have a baby that snores."

I mean, Hubby B? He's a snore monster. Our first dog {millie}? Snore monster. And our other dog {baxter}? Well he may not snore, but since the day we brought him home he's made this little "hmmmm" sound as he sleeps. I even asked B if we had gotten a defective dog about 30 minutes on our way home after getting him. 

So, of course, it makes since that my little man at just 4 months old would snore too. 

Thank goodness this rattle hasn't disturbed his sleep schedule, right?

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Dear Pre-Postpartum Self...

I miss you. 

For years, I never appreciated you. Yes, it's true, we had our ups and downs. Mainly issues with PCOS and all of the wonderful things that come with it {like bouts of depression}. But you and me? We did alright. 

Now? Well, this new postpartum body is waging a war against us. Not a battle, a full on war. 

It started with some major postpartum pain in a place that no one should ever have to feel {that much} pain months after they've given birth. Then, the dry scalp set in and our face-wash quit working. Apparently, we've developed psoriasis all over our body. On our face, back, head and well dammit it's just everywhere. And it itches! 

Let's do a little math shall we?

postpartum body issues + the typical stresses of life = a postpartum depressed me

Honestly? Not being able to look into the mirror at myself and feel good is the leading cause of this new realization. It's not the weight, not this time. It's really the psoriasis that's been the final straw. Oh, and the doctors? Yeah, they're not doing much to make me feel any better. 

I've never been one to turn to medication to treat depression. In the past, I've stared depression in the face and beat it on my own. This is something I'm proud of and always will be. But this time around I just cannot pull myself out of depression alone. That's why last week, I went to the doctor for some help. The medication he prescribed me? Yeah, it was going to cost me $50 a month! That sure as hell isn't in our current budget. So now, we've got a new prescription {which costs a decent amount} sitting on our bedside table. 

I'm sorry I never appreciated you, pre-postpartum body.

Hopefully I'll see some semblance of you again soon!

Hugs & Kisses,

Postpartum Self

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We've got the Sickies

Moms, I need your help. 

My baby is sick. 

Let me explain. For six weeks now he's had a cough. The cough began with an ear infection. Then? The ear infection went away. Two weeks later, he had some "left over bacteria" in his ear. This also came with a cough. After another round of antibiotics the bacteria was gone, but the cough was not.

A couple more weeks down the road, more bacteria. Are you freakin' kidding me?!

So? We went back to the doctor. We got more antibiotics. We went 10 more days, had yet another follow-up appointment. No more bacteria, but he still had a cough.

This means my sweet, precious baby boy has had an awful sounding cough for six long weeks. The doctor doesn't seem too phased. But this momma, is starting to freak out. Our pedi mentioned a possibility of allergies last week, but didn't say much more than that. 

I'm at a loss y'all.

I love the blog world because I get the best advice and guidance any momma could need. And now? I need your help, for real. 

Have you been through anything like this? Does your little one have allergies? Milk allergies? Pet allergies? How did you figure out you were dealing with allergies and not something else?

I would really appreciate it if you'd share this post. Please, please, please. I need opinions from y'all. I appreciate any help you can give me and little Baby J!

Fun with our Phones {week three}

Well, it's that time again, Monday has come way too fast! Hope y'all had a nice, relaxing weekend. 

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Monday's lunch break started with a praying-mantis on my windshield. Needless to say, I was terrified to get back out of my car because I was certain it was going to end up on me.

See the car seats above? Those are only three of the five exact same car seats at day care. Apparently I missed the memo on what the cool car seat is {sorry J}.

Work has been stressful. So many deadlines lately, oh-em-geeeeee. Hoping this week is going to be better!

And this little guy? Well, he's the best part of every week.

Alright, your turn! Can't wait to see what y'all were up to last week!

Motivational Monday

Today, is the boss lady's birthday. And as much as she can drive me up a wall, I love her to pieces. So, today is in honor of her. We should all celebrate life as if each day was our birthday anyway, right?

Happy Monday, loyals!

True Life: I'm a {mommy} Blogger

Saying I'm a mom is still a shock to my system some days. And, considering Baby J will be 5 months old on Tuesday you'd think I'd get it by now. But? When the doctors give you a 2% chance of having kids, it's just something you rule out of your life plan. Oh, did I mention I'm an over-planner? Yeah, well, my plans never work out {clearly}. 

So, after spending 4 years planning to never have kids, a naive 22-year-old version of myself was horrorified when an unsuspecting Doc came in with a positive pregnancy test. 

She called him my miracle baby, I called him the reason I would never be able to go to law school or spend an entire summer getting lost on the back roads of Italy, but I digress. Because now? Now, I get to come home to this always usually happy face every day.

And I wouldn't change it for the world.

So, this is my blog. The little place of my very own to babble about how adorable my child is, bitch about the nights he keeps me awake, attempt to decipher what the hell my postpartum body is doing all while working full-time, becoming a first-time homeowner and trying not to forget about my dear husband.

Hope you'll stick around to see how it all plays out!

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Working for the Weekend

Holy moly, y'all! I haven't been so glad it's Friday, well, since last Friday!!

Being a working mom is no joke! 

But you know what I can't stop thinking about the most? How much I miss my best friend...

And that pretty much sums up our entire friendship...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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The Cry Baby

Every morning I walk into daycare with Baby J, put his bottles in the fridge and fill out his info form.

This form? It asks the basic questions like when he woke up, what he ate and if their are any special instructions for the day. Then, throughout the day, they fill out when he has a bottle, when his diapers are changed and when he naps. And at the bottom of this page, there's a little place for them to tell you how your little one has acted that day. 

And this week? Every day has said my sweet angel was "fussy."

This is it y'all. Has he become that baby who cries all day? The one who when you walk in every morning is crying so loud you think "I wish that kid would shut it already!"

I DO NOT want J to be that cry baby in the infant room. Where did my eternally happy baby go? The worst part of it all? I have no idea what's making him fussy!!

My thoughts:

Should I up the amount of formula in his bottles? Nope, let's cross that one off the list. He isn't even finishing all of his bottles every time as it is.

Should I make sure he doesn't have an ongoing ear infection? Alright, let's cross this one off the list too. We made a trip to the pediatrician this morning and he says things look good. The ear infection is gone.

Should I change his formula? Oh my! We usually use Similac Sensitve. And? We buy the prepared liquid kind through Amazon's ship and save program. But for the powder we count on Sams. And as big as that damn store is, they've been out of Similac Sensitive for almost three weeks. So instead, my dear husband got the Sams equivalent to what we use. He had seemed to be doing fine with it, but maybe this is our issue?

Should I start to rule out allergies? Well, people, this might be it. Allergies. *gasp* The doc mentioned it this morning. He's had a persistent cough that is hanging on for dear life. Allergies. Oh-em-gee. I can't stop thinking, "what if he's allergic to the dogs?!" Our world would be over. Hubby B would rather find a separate house for me and the baby than kick out his beloved Millie. Oh sweet Lord, please don't let our baby be allergic to his brother and sister. Pretty, pretty, pretty please.

Tummy time for all my babes - June 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Polo Cutie

Yeah, he's pretty much the most adorable thing ever!

Happy Wednesday y'all!!

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Am I Boring you?

I'm a working mom, this you all know. But on Saturdays? I'm a full-time mommy and I love it.  However, some days, I wonder if I'm doing enough. 

It's something us moms worry about. We want our kiddies to be the best and brightest and from what we're told it starts now {at infancy}.  For me, parenthood can easily become one big ball of paranoia. And this Saturday I caught myself thinking...

Am I boring you? Am I doing enough? Is your tiny little brain learning enough with me?

Throughout the day we do some of this...

and this...

oh you know and some rollin' around...

and usually some of this...

Yes, he's only one month old in this photo, but I love those little wrinkles!
and of course I shower him with love.

So why do I still wonder if it's enough? I want to be the best mommy I can be {as cliche as that might sound}. I never expected mommyhood for myself, never planned for it or thought about what I'd do to fill the days with my little one before he came along. So now? Now I find myself worried I'm not doing enough for Baby J's development.

But honestly? I can't think of anything new I don't do with this bundle of joy at this stage.

Want to share some playtime favorites? I'd love to hear from you!

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Fun with our Phones

Hello lovely readers! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

 Now? It's time to link up with me and Savannah to share what you were up to last week!

Here's my week in a nutshell:

Let's start with the biggest news I've had lately...

We're officially under contract for our very first home!!

Baby J has learned a new trick. It's not the most polite talent a child can have, but he's still pretty stinkin' cute.

These sinful, scrumptious cupcakes were one of the highlights to this week. To say it was a long, crappy week at work would be an understatement. We shared these amongst the office on Friday...a great ending to the work week!

And then?

On Friday, J made his first friend. I'm sure he makes friends at daycare {hopefully} but this is his first not-at-school friend. I'd like to say their meeting went fairly well. I think there will be future playdates.

Unfortunately, Friday meant seeing off my bestie

Anyone else see something wrong with this cake?

It was suppose to say, "We'll miss you, eh!" But I still think it says, "Will miss you, eh!" HA!!

Alright, alright.  Now, it's your turn, let's see what you and your phone were up to last week!  Just grab the button above and add your link below!

Motivational Monday: Bad Days

I'm guilty of this all too often. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's true.  This week, I won't let the little things drag me down if you won't either...deal?

Happy Monday lovelies!

It's Not Goodbye, It's Just For Now

Love you, Gadabout!


Honestly? I can't believe we are under contract for our very first house. 

In fact, it's complete madness.

When we moved back to my hometown last October, I knew it would be for good {or at least for a good while}. And now that we're getting our first house here I feel like we're really making it home. We're not just living here, but we're living here. Does that make sense? Perhaps I'm crazy. I think I'm just crazy excited. 

I'm praying inspections go well. My hopes are there won't be any scary secrets hiding in the walls of this perfect first home.

Our closing date? It's on Baby J's six month birthday. What a special day that would be, right? 

I'm optimistic but worried that I'll jinx myself by telling friends and family.

So, I'm telling y'all. Promise you won't jinx me? Will you send us good vibes?

I'll love you forever...

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Dear Sean...

*Today is dedicated to my best friend {in the entire world}, who is moving  from South Carolina to Newfoundland, Canada.*

Tomorrow you begin the most amazing journey life has presented to you so far. 

I won't lie, I'm already a little teary and I'm only on the second sentence of my letter to you. Silly, right? I know, I know.  We haven't lived in the same city since we graduated from high school in 2005. But at least we've only been {at most} seven hours away from each other. 

Now? Now, you are moving to a different country entirely. 

I'm so excited for you. I know you've missed Boyfriend Gadabout so much the past couple years {and you know I can sympathize}. Being with him every day will be magical, I promise. And grad school?  You'll do amazing, I have no doubts.

But me? Well, I'll miss you a lot.

We don't talk about this often so I thought I'd tell you in this letter {it's not as good as one of your odes but you know I can't rhyme}...

Sean, you are my best friend and you always, always will be. No one else will understand my oddities the way you do. No one will want to dodge past acquaintances friends with me the way you do. No one will forgive my my past and accept my future the way you do. No one will have crazy food cravings or Target shopping sprees with me. No one will love to laugh and gossip the same way. No one,  and I mean no one, will ever be able to replace you. You are the end all, be all of best friends. 

No, we don't talk every day {any more}. This makes me sad. But then I remember where we are in life. I remember how we've grown, how we've changed and how we've managed to never lose sight of our friendship.

My hope for you is that Newfoundland is everything you've been dreaming about. Enchanting days venturing out into your new city, relaxing Saturdays with Boyfriend Gadabout and the sweet little life you dream of. 

I hope you discover, I hope you learn and above all I hope you love.

And because I need something to cheer me up after this amazingly tearful letter...

{all via}
That's right. I found this little golden nugget on Pinterest months ago! And I knew it would make you smile. 

Hey, It's Ok...

That I wanted to punch my boss in the face yesterday.

That I left work to get a diet coke rather than cussing out the boss lady.

To some days wish I was a stay-at-home mom.

To also completely loathe the idea of being a stay-at-home mom {nothing against you wonderful ladies, I just don't have the patience or strength you have, unfortunately!}

To already be decorating a house in my mind that we haven't even closed on yet.

To be EXCITED and nervous about the fact we are officially under contact for our very first home!!!

To be completely indecisive about who I'm going to get to give this lil blog a makeover. 

To secretly want a Kindle, even though I probably still won't be motivated enough to read. *sigh*

To sometimes wish I lived in Texas because that's where most of my favorite bloggers live.

Its Ok Thursdays

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Southern Comfort

Here, in the South, food is not just food. 

You don't eat just for the sake of needing nutrients, every meal is like a gift and Paula Dean would laugh in your face if you ever told her all that butter is going to kill her one day.

"Comfort food" is not just a saying, it is really a way of life. There are so many wonderful traditions and mannerisms that come with being a southerner, but my friends, "comfort food" is not one of them. 

Me? I certainly love my comfort food. The real issue here {and something I've learned to accept about myself} is that I love to eat when I'm stressed, anxious, happy, bored. Anything. I've realized I have this awful habbit and I'm ready to change it. {I mean, acceptance is the first step right?}

When I started Weight Watchers seven weeks ago I was more than motivated. I lost five pounds that week. The next week I lost two. The next? Yeah, I gained those two pounds back. And now? I've completely plateaued. I need to try harder. I need to keep a closer count of my points. And as much as I have no time in the day, I've got to start working out again.

In my new role as a mommy I'm just not sure when working out fits into my schedule. But I'm going to have to make it happen. I'm determined to lose this weight.

So, my habit of comfort food is going to have to be a habit I break. It won't happen cold turkey {I mean let's be real}. It will happen though. You just wait and see.

Oh, How Pinteresting: Decorating

We've officially jumped head first into our house search. And? We've found one we love. Now, it's time for the not fun stuff like paper work and inspections and mortgages. 

To keep myself from freaking out over all of these not fun details, I'm focusing on the fun ones like decorating. And thanks to Pinterest I'm having no issues finding inspiration.

Ok, I don't love this room. In fact, I don't even really like it. So, why is it here as the first pin on my post? Because the "be my guest" sign is my new obsession. It is now on my "must do" list.

I will be doing an accent wall in Baby J's new nursery just like this. And? That black and white photo is such beautiful balance of colors in the room.

Possible DIY headboard for a seating/sleeping area in the guest room.

{all via}
Look at that poof. I love, love, love it! I also happen to love the pattern of the fabric. Not sure which element I like better. Oh, the dilemmas of decorating. 

Happy pinning!