The Case of the Snoring Baby

It's been about a month since J developed a little cough. This cough first started with his ear infection and has transitioned with us into teething. {last week, our pedi mentioned it may be allergies sigh} Either way, you can hear a little rattle in his nose throughout the day.

But mainly? This little rattle of his comes out as he falls asleep. And sometimes, he sounds like a snoring little man. As I rocked with him a few nights ago I couldn't help but think..."I would have a baby that snores."

I mean, Hubby B? He's a snore monster. Our first dog {millie}? Snore monster. And our other dog {baxter}? Well he may not snore, but since the day we brought him home he's made this little "hmmmm" sound as he sleeps. I even asked B if we had gotten a defective dog about 30 minutes on our way home after getting him. 

So, of course, it makes since that my little man at just 4 months old would snore too. 

Thank goodness this rattle hasn't disturbed his sleep schedule, right?

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