The Cry Baby

Every morning I walk into daycare with Baby J, put his bottles in the fridge and fill out his info form.

This form? It asks the basic questions like when he woke up, what he ate and if their are any special instructions for the day. Then, throughout the day, they fill out when he has a bottle, when his diapers are changed and when he naps. And at the bottom of this page, there's a little place for them to tell you how your little one has acted that day. 

And this week? Every day has said my sweet angel was "fussy."

This is it y'all. Has he become that baby who cries all day? The one who when you walk in every morning is crying so loud you think "I wish that kid would shut it already!"

I DO NOT want J to be that cry baby in the infant room. Where did my eternally happy baby go? The worst part of it all? I have no idea what's making him fussy!!

My thoughts:

Should I up the amount of formula in his bottles? Nope, let's cross that one off the list. He isn't even finishing all of his bottles every time as it is.

Should I make sure he doesn't have an ongoing ear infection? Alright, let's cross this one off the list too. We made a trip to the pediatrician this morning and he says things look good. The ear infection is gone.

Should I change his formula? Oh my! We usually use Similac Sensitve. And? We buy the prepared liquid kind through Amazon's ship and save program. But for the powder we count on Sams. And as big as that damn store is, they've been out of Similac Sensitive for almost three weeks. So instead, my dear husband got the Sams equivalent to what we use. He had seemed to be doing fine with it, but maybe this is our issue?

Should I start to rule out allergies? Well, people, this might be it. Allergies. *gasp* The doc mentioned it this morning. He's had a persistent cough that is hanging on for dear life. Allergies. Oh-em-gee. I can't stop thinking, "what if he's allergic to the dogs?!" Our world would be over. Hubby B would rather find a separate house for me and the baby than kick out his beloved Millie. Oh sweet Lord, please don't let our baby be allergic to his brother and sister. Pretty, pretty, pretty please.

Tummy time for all my babes - June 2011