Dear Sean...

*Today is dedicated to my best friend {in the entire world}, who is moving  from South Carolina to Newfoundland, Canada.*

Tomorrow you begin the most amazing journey life has presented to you so far. 

I won't lie, I'm already a little teary and I'm only on the second sentence of my letter to you. Silly, right? I know, I know.  We haven't lived in the same city since we graduated from high school in 2005. But at least we've only been {at most} seven hours away from each other. 

Now? Now, you are moving to a different country entirely. 

I'm so excited for you. I know you've missed Boyfriend Gadabout so much the past couple years {and you know I can sympathize}. Being with him every day will be magical, I promise. And grad school?  You'll do amazing, I have no doubts.

But me? Well, I'll miss you a lot.

We don't talk about this often so I thought I'd tell you in this letter {it's not as good as one of your odes but you know I can't rhyme}...

Sean, you are my best friend and you always, always will be. No one else will understand my oddities the way you do. No one will want to dodge past acquaintances friends with me the way you do. No one will forgive my my past and accept my future the way you do. No one will have crazy food cravings or Target shopping sprees with me. No one will love to laugh and gossip the same way. No one,  and I mean no one, will ever be able to replace you. You are the end all, be all of best friends. 

No, we don't talk every day {any more}. This makes me sad. But then I remember where we are in life. I remember how we've grown, how we've changed and how we've managed to never lose sight of our friendship.

My hope for you is that Newfoundland is everything you've been dreaming about. Enchanting days venturing out into your new city, relaxing Saturdays with Boyfriend Gadabout and the sweet little life you dream of. 

I hope you discover, I hope you learn and above all I hope you love.

And because I need something to cheer me up after this amazingly tearful letter...

{all via}
That's right. I found this little golden nugget on Pinterest months ago! And I knew it would make you smile.