Honestly? I can't believe we are under contract for our very first house. 

In fact, it's complete madness.

When we moved back to my hometown last October, I knew it would be for good {or at least for a good while}. And now that we're getting our first house here I feel like we're really making it home. We're not just living here, but we're living here. Does that make sense? Perhaps I'm crazy. I think I'm just crazy excited. 

I'm praying inspections go well. My hopes are there won't be any scary secrets hiding in the walls of this perfect first home.

Our closing date? It's on Baby J's six month birthday. What a special day that would be, right? 

I'm optimistic but worried that I'll jinx myself by telling friends and family.

So, I'm telling y'all. Promise you won't jinx me? Will you send us good vibes?

I'll love you forever...

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  1. Congrats! I remember how exciting that feeling was.

    We have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award! Please stop by our blog to claim your award and share the fun :)

    Have a great day!
    Brandi, Amanda and Leslie - The Three Fabulous Mommies

  2. thats so great girl :) congrats! You should stop by my blog because I'm giving away a Bobbie Brown eye shadow compact :)

  3. Nice meeting you through 'say hi' blog. Good luck with the move...sounds like there are such wonderful omens!

  4. Ooh! Congratulations on your first home! Make sure to post lots of pictures! I love house pictures. I'll be thinking good thoughts that everything goes through OK.

    Stopping by and following you from Say Hi Sunday!


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