Fun With our Phones {week four}

Hope you're joining me and Savannah for today's link-up!

{I've loved seeing y'alls photos the past few weeks. A BIG thanks to everyone who's joined us!}

When I looked at my phone photos from this week I was floored to realize how big Baby J has gotten. I mean it's ridiculous.

The photo on the left was from July's visit to the doctor.

Th photo on the right is from our doctor's checkup last Monday...

It's like a different baby! Where is my newborn?


This Tuesday will be one year since our first official pre-natal doctor's appointment. August 30, 2010 {Hubby B's birthday} we saw our baby for the first time.

This is Baby J's first ever phone photo:

August 30,  2010

And now?

August 26, 2011
Now he is learning new things every day. Like how much he loves his jumper.

Whew, it is mad how time flies.

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Happy Monday!