Fun with our Phones {week three}

Well, it's that time again, Monday has come way too fast! Hope y'all had a nice, relaxing weekend. 

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Monday's lunch break started with a praying-mantis on my windshield. Needless to say, I was terrified to get back out of my car because I was certain it was going to end up on me.

See the car seats above? Those are only three of the five exact same car seats at day care. Apparently I missed the memo on what the cool car seat is {sorry J}.

Work has been stressful. So many deadlines lately, oh-em-geeeeee. Hoping this week is going to be better!

And this little guy? Well, he's the best part of every week.

Alright, your turn! Can't wait to see what y'all were up to last week!


  1. babies sure love to eat their feet :)

  2. Love the babies eating the feet picture! Too precious!

  3. The baby is so adorable..Just became a new follower..stopping by from Mommy's little Monkeys Monday hop...come and stop by my blog.

  4. Ha! I'd do the same thing about the praying mantis. I'd assume he was out to get me if on my car that way! :)

    Cutie Patootie eating his toes!

  5. I hear ya on the work thing! today was the first day of school so it was stressful! Your boy is SO cute!!!

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