Fun with our Phones

Hello lovely readers! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

 Now? It's time to link up with me and Savannah to share what you were up to last week!

Here's my week in a nutshell:

Let's start with the biggest news I've had lately...

We're officially under contract for our very first home!!

Baby J has learned a new trick. It's not the most polite talent a child can have, but he's still pretty stinkin' cute.

These sinful, scrumptious cupcakes were one of the highlights to this week. To say it was a long, crappy week at work would be an understatement. We shared these amongst the office on Friday...a great ending to the work week!

And then?

On Friday, J made his first friend. I'm sure he makes friends at daycare {hopefully} but this is his first not-at-school friend. I'd like to say their meeting went fairly well. I think there will be future playdates.

Unfortunately, Friday meant seeing off my bestie

Anyone else see something wrong with this cake?

It was suppose to say, "We'll miss you, eh!" But I still think it says, "Will miss you, eh!" HA!!

Alright, alright.  Now, it's your turn, let's see what you and your phone were up to last week!  Just grab the button above and add your link below!


  1. LOL There are several photos of my youngest with his tongue sticking out!! We still do it all the time and he's 2.5!

  2. What an adorable trick!! omg and those cupcakes. me want!!

  3. J is just adorable! And those cupcakes? Oh my gosh! SO delicious looking!

  4. You have way too much cuteness on this page. Between the babies and cupcakes, I am seriously overwhelmed. :)

  5. That is so so exciting about your house!!!!
    Another successful link up I'd say! :)

  6. Oh! So cute!

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