Hey, It's Ok...

That I wanted to punch my boss in the face yesterday.

That I left work to get a diet coke rather than cussing out the boss lady.

To some days wish I was a stay-at-home mom.

To also completely loathe the idea of being a stay-at-home mom {nothing against you wonderful ladies, I just don't have the patience or strength you have, unfortunately!}

To already be decorating a house in my mind that we haven't even closed on yet.

To be EXCITED and nervous about the fact we are officially under contact for our very first home!!!

To be completely indecisive about who I'm going to get to give this lil blog a makeover. 

To secretly want a Kindle, even though I probably still won't be motivated enough to read. *sigh*

To sometimes wish I lived in Texas because that's where most of my favorite bloggers live.

Its Ok Thursdays

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  1. thanks for the music...tell hurricane annie i want to meet her... let's listen to lady gaga in your office as a conversation starter... hey it's ok that i'm moving to canada (our least favorite/favoUrite country)

  2. I'm with you on the stay at home/work thing. I would love to stay and home but at the same time there is something about getting out of the house and doing something for yourself that gives you a feeling of independence. Somedays I want to stay home & be with my little booger and somedays I want to run far away to work ;)

  3. Buying a house is such a stressful but exciting time!! I totally decorated in my mind a bunch of the houses we looked at before we finally got this one!!

  4. Ummm I wanted to punch my boss in the face every day this summer. Im pretty sure its oK :)

  5. Reading on the kindle is SO much fun, you'll probably read more than normal!


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