Hey, it's Ok...

Today {and probably every Thursday from here on out} I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for "It's ok Thursdays." I'm sure you'll catch on pretty quickly. So, without further adieu...

Its Ok Thursdays

Its ok...

That Kings of Leon's lead singer is going to rehab and ruining our anniversary plans for Friday night.

To be "that" mom every now and then. Like when my son fit into a 6 month outfit the other day and I cried.

To need a Chik-fil-a diet coke before work some mornings.

That my house is a mess because at least I've enjoyed my week.

To be completely jealous that my cousin got to see Taylor Swift in DC last night. On that note, it's also OK to be a 23 year old mom who absolutely loves T-Swift.

To secretly blog and tweet half of the work day.

To love doing blog hops.

To be excited that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills start next week.

That I gave my real name to a fellow blogger the other day because she's one of my favs {and a host of this hop!}!


  1. I totally blog & tweet too much at work sometimes! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. So that whole KOL thing happened in Dallas! I really wanted to go for the opening band but I didnt...I really wish I had now.

  3. I like this "It's Ok Thursday" idea. I'll have to link for sure! Thanks for sharing. :)

    And yes it's totally ok for a 23 yo mom to like Taylor Swift. Since, well, this 27 yo mom does. Haha.


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