Mommy Brain: The Ideal Excuse

Showing up to work in flips flop {three times in two weeks}...Mommy Brain.

Losing the burp cloth while it's on your shoulder....Mommy Brain.

Completely forgetting a doctor's appointment for yourself...Mommy Brain.

Finding chicken in the fridge that went bad {a week ago, bleh}...Mommy Brain.

Addressing 10 letters at work incorrectly...Mommy Brain.

Losing your keys {in the diaper bag} twice a day...Mommy Brain.

Finally running an errand only to forget where you're going minutes later...Mommy Brain.

So ladies, to sum it up...

When you find yourself doing something foolish just remind onlookers you've got a baby at home. Their expressions will turn from "WTF" to "Oh, honey, we get it," in a matter of seconds.

And? It's the excuse that will officially last a lifetime...or at least the next 18 years.

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Happy Friday, y'all!