Oh, How Pinteresting: Decorating

We've officially jumped head first into our house search. And? We've found one we love. Now, it's time for the not fun stuff like paper work and inspections and mortgages. 

To keep myself from freaking out over all of these not fun details, I'm focusing on the fun ones like decorating. And thanks to Pinterest I'm having no issues finding inspiration.

Ok, I don't love this room. In fact, I don't even really like it. So, why is it here as the first pin on my post? Because the "be my guest" sign is my new obsession. It is now on my "must do" list.

I will be doing an accent wall in Baby J's new nursery just like this. And? That black and white photo is such beautiful balance of colors in the room.

Possible DIY headboard for a seating/sleeping area in the guest room.

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Look at that poof. I love, love, love it! I also happen to love the pattern of the fabric. Not sure which element I like better. Oh, the dilemmas of decorating. 

Happy pinning!