{semi} Wordless Wednesday

Every month I get Baby J into a little white onesie slap a sticker on his cute Buddha belly and snap a million pictures of him. And every month, I put his monkey {not so creativley named George} next to him so we can see how much he grows from month to month.

Well? Month #4 was my favorite photo shoot by far! It took four whole months for this sweet child of mine to realize there was something next to him.

Can't you just hear him thinking, "Hey mom, did you know this thing was here?"

This wasn't his only realization though...

Yep, that's right son, you have hands and feet!

 I am so in love with this kid it's ridiculous.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!



  1. Baby J is super sweet! *waves hi* I'm a new follower from the Toddle Along Tuesday Blog Hop!

  2. Adorable photos.
    New follower, hope you follow back.

  3. He is so cute!
    I love the monkey. Hehe. I want one.


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