Southern Comfort

Here, in the South, food is not just food. 

You don't eat just for the sake of needing nutrients, every meal is like a gift and Paula Dean would laugh in your face if you ever told her all that butter is going to kill her one day.

"Comfort food" is not just a saying, it is really a way of life. There are so many wonderful traditions and mannerisms that come with being a southerner, but my friends, "comfort food" is not one of them. 

Me? I certainly love my comfort food. The real issue here {and something I've learned to accept about myself} is that I love to eat when I'm stressed, anxious, happy, bored. Anything. I've realized I have this awful habbit and I'm ready to change it. {I mean, acceptance is the first step right?}

When I started Weight Watchers seven weeks ago I was more than motivated. I lost five pounds that week. The next week I lost two. The next? Yeah, I gained those two pounds back. And now? I've completely plateaued. I need to try harder. I need to keep a closer count of my points. And as much as I have no time in the day, I've got to start working out again.

In my new role as a mommy I'm just not sure when working out fits into my schedule. But I'm going to have to make it happen. I'm determined to lose this weight.

So, my habit of comfort food is going to have to be a habit I break. It won't happen cold turkey {I mean let's be real}. It will happen though. You just wait and see.