Speed Dating 101 and a Birthday

Yesterday was Hubby B's birthday...he's officially 28 years young!

To celebrate, we left Baby J with his Sulli {grandma} and ran to grab a bite to eat. We only had one hour. Just one!

Want to know something? One hour is not a long time.

That's when it dawned on me, this must be what speed dating feels like.  Ordering as soon as you sit down, devouring the food as soon as it hits the table and talking as much as the eating will allow. You know, the parent version of speed dating.

I could feel my heart getting anxious that one hour was going to be up so soon! And I found myself giggling when B hurriedly gave the waitress our debit card, rather than waiting for the check. He was obviously thinking the same thing...

This race to the finish was certainly a classic first-time parent birthday experience. Oh, and in all the hustle of the day, I completely forgot to pick up his cake on the way home from work. {Wife Fail}

Happy Birthday B, it's the thought that counts!

Well that and the iPad he got this weekend!

I'd say that puts me back on top, right?