Time Flies

One year ago this week an unsuspecting doctor told me I was pregnant with Baby J.

That was quite a day...

I was sick as a dog and finally decided I needed to go to a walk-in clinic after throwing up 30 times before noon. So, off I went.

After having a 15 minute convo with the Doc about my PCOS and inability to get pregnant she decided to run a pregnancy test anyway.  Two minutes later she came in and told me I was having a baby. I couldn't believe it. In fact, for several minutes I asked if she was serious. She probably hated me. Because then? I burst into tears and began rambling about the many reasons why I wasn't ready.

That poor doctor listened to me cry for five fifteen minutes.

I may not have been ready then, but now? Now that we are four months into mommyhood I know I wouldn't give it back for anything. As I sit here bouncing my little man in his chair his kind eyes remind me of his dad and his sweet smile melts my heart every single day.

One year ago I thought my world was over because I was pregnant before my planned time frame and now I feel like no amount of time could prepare me for the magnificence that is motherhood.

Thanks for changing my world Baby J, it's more beautiful now that you're in it.


  1. Oooo this story makes me smile!!! ;0)

    We have been TTC for 9 months now ... one chemical pregnancy and still no luck, we are hoping that our good news comes soon.

    In the meantime, I so love the optimistic stories of success of others!! & your baby is adorable!!! A true blessing!!

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  3. This post made me tear up! How sweet!

  4. Stopping by from the Say Hi Sunday blog hop! Your baby boy is so precious. I am due with my first next month and this post gets me even more excited!

  5. Such a beautiful boy. :) Also, I don't think anyone is really ready when they get their BFP!

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