Working for the Weekend

Holy moly, y'all! I haven't been so glad it's Friday, well, since last Friday!!

Being a working mom is no joke! 

But you know what I can't stop thinking about the most? How much I miss my best friend...

And that pretty much sums up our entire friendship...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. new follower from bee friendly.. i haven't dove in deep yet, but our little ones look to be similar ages.. mine is 5 months.. yours? hope you have a great weekend!!


  2. I agree, being a working mom is no joke. I start back next week. :(

  3. This whole working mom thing is for the birds, not to mention kicking my but royally. I miss my kiddo SO much during those days.
    I hope you have a relaxing weekend :-)

  4. Hope your weekend has been fabulous!

  5. hahaha love it sean. also, i made it to NL!! i just turned on my computer and had to read what baby j was up to. I LOVE the pictures of him and G! hahaha


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