It's OK...

 I've had a rough go of it the past couple weeks, so I thought what better time to link  up with my sweet friend Neely for It's OK Thursday and just let it all go...

Its Ok Thursdays

 It's OK...

that I have unanswered emails and comments from this weekend. Sorry, y'all, but moving this weekend and J's overwhelming teething really threw off my social media schedule.

that even though I wrote this post about the daycare teacher being nice to me on Monday, they decided to be mean again by Wednesday.

to forget things....On Tuesday I forgot to bring J's rice cereal to daycare and had to go buy more at the Rite Aid up the road. Then? Today I forgot to bring more diapers which led to an impromptu trip to Walmart.

to be impatiently waiting for my Erin Condren gift card so that I can order my Life Planner!

that my in-laws are coming in town the weekend of my birthday. Because? I get to see the bestest Canadian friend in the world next week to celebrate our b-day together!

that I've only unpacked one box this week...the rest of the boxes are just going to have to wait until this weekend!

to feel the need to talk about our daycare issues every second of the day right now...meh.

Whew! That's all I've got. But? If you've got some love for a worn out momma click the button below for a vote for my lil blog...Please and Thank you.

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Wordless Wednesday

Since we've officially moved into our new house you can just call this guy "the man of the house."

The house , by the way, is coming along nicely, but I'm not quite ready to show you all my photos! 

But? Because I love y'all so much here's a sneak peek!

You see that green wall back there? We did that! And? It looks awesome!

Yep, that's all you get for now...

Happy wednesday, lovelies!

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Daycare Drama: Part II

Good morning, lovelies. 

First of all, let me thank everyone for their advice and support regarding our current daycare situation. The way you  stood up for me was amazing. In fact, it was even a little overwhelming in a good way. I just love and appreciate my loyals {as AP would say} more than anything!

So are you ready for an update?

Let's start with J's status:

It seemed to be a consesus that Baby J needs a bigger nipple flow on his bottles. So? We've done just that. And? It seems to have helped. Something so simple that I truly wouldn't have thought of!

Also, I have asked daycare to feed him twice a day. I think a big part of his eating issues was that the little guy just wanted him some food! 

Besides becoming a 6 month old, J is teething hardcore causing his eating and sleeping habits to change almost every day right now. The new nipple and some "real" food have already helped substantially.

Now, let's move on to what became the bigger issue here....our actual daycare:

Like I said last week, I love this daycare and his teachers. At least, I did until we had this huge debacle. Now? I wasn't so sure. Actually, I've been torn up over the entire situation all weekend. 

My husband as well as some of you suggested I go in and kill them...with kindess.

I'm not gonna lie. I hated this idea on Friday. Kindess you say? They don't deserve my kindness after the way they treated me Friday morning! But then I remembered that it's not about me. It's about J. 

So, I swallowed my pride and went in with a smile plastered to my face. And? Everything went smoothly. I noticed Ms. G still didn't want to talk to me. But, Ms. E {the one I really like anyway} has gotten over the situation. 

When I walked in with J yesterday, she exclaimed "Oh there's my boyfriend!" Just her saying that made me feel better. Honestly? They can be mad at me all they want as long as they still love my little one.

I will note that only the Director has fed Baby J this week. She told me she would personally make sure he ate and that's exactly what she's done. I'm impressed. While I haven't ruled out putting our names on a couple of waiting lists, I do feel comfortable leaving J in their care once again. 

I'm sure over the next few years I'll run into other issues at daycare. I'll come to y'all to vent and I hope you'll still be here to support me. Being a mom isn't easy, that's why I have you!

So again, THANKS to all of you who reached out to give me your two cents. It's just what I needed!!

Fun With Our Phones {week 8}

WOO HOO, it's Monday!! Are you excited? No? Yeah, me either.

But hey, Monday means it's time to link-up with me and Savannah for Fun with our Phones Monday!

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If you've been around my lil' blog this weekend then you've heard about our current daycare drama. So, you'll understand that I'm pretty nervous going in this morning to greet his teachers. {prayers please}

On the brighter side of life, we have officially moved into our house! And? It is so amazing. Everything I'd ever wanted. More posts to come about that this week!

But in even bigger news, Baby J turned 6 months old on Friday! 

The Doc said he is a strong little guy. Coming in at 19 pounds {50 percentile}, 26.5 inches tall {75 percentile}. Let's just say. he was not happy when it came time for those shots. It breaks my heart more every time.

This guy spent most of the weekend fighting his naps thanks to some insane teething. I'm officially over this whole teething thing.

The best part of J's weekend? 

When his jumper made it into the new was priceless to see him perk up when it came in the room!

But now, I must leave you because I. Am. Exhausted. 

And I've still got all this left to do...

Now it's your turn to link up!

Daycare Drama

Y'all, this week has been legit one of the worst EVER.

I haven't talked in detail about daycare on here, but it's about to get real. First, the daycare Baby J attends is within the church I grew up attending. A church I loved and still love. It holds many precious memories for me. It is the place I accepted God. So, obviously when we needed a daycare and we could be at the top of the waiting list I jumped.

Ten weeks after Baby J was born, I headed to work and he headed to daycare. I never had a second thought about daycare, which let's just refer to as SM. So, SM is known as one of the best daycares in town. Really, it doesn't get much better. And? For the past four months I've been living in daycare bliss.

This week, that bliss came to a very emotional end.

Tuesday, I arrived at daycare {like usual} and J's teachers informed me he wasn't wanting his morning bottle. This was a little odd to me, considering he sucks down every bottle I give him. But? I get it, babies change, schedules change, especially since we've hit the 6 month mark. So? I told them just to offer it to him and if the formula went to waste then it went to waste. The world wouldn't end and at least I'd know my baby had gotten something.

Jump to Tuesday afternoon. When I picked him up they informed me J just really wasn't wanting his bottles. You say what? My son? No way, jose. That's what I say. But like we just covered, schedules change so maybe we are just changing our routine. Fine. I reconfirmed for them to offer him the bottles and everything was all good. That is until I got home ten minutes later and had a baby who was SCREAMING his head off out of starvation. I offered him a bottle and he scarfed it down screaming at me if I took it out of his mouth.

WHOA! My little guy was hungrier than I'd ever seen him. Poor little thing is going through some changes.

Are you still with me? Please stick with me because I'm going to need some mommy opinions!

Wednesday, I get to daycare. Again just told them to offer him the bottles and toss out what he didn't eat but to really try to get him to have at least 6 ounces. When afternoon comes and I pick up the baby they say nothing regarding bottles so I assume everything is fine and dandy. Only to get home to yet another night of a STARVING baby. WTF!?

Baby J drank 7 ounces and then a freaking one-year-olds serving of rice cereal.

This brings us to Thursday morning at daycare. I ask about his Wednesday bottles and they then tell me he didn't really want any of them {yet for some reason on my take-home sheet it said he ate all of his bottles}. I try to explain that I know he plays with his bottles and yes he already seems a little A.D.D. but what baby isn't? You've still got to feed my kid!! Apparently Baby J had taken too long on his bottle and they had to move on. I then qualified that "too long" was apparently only 15 minutes. I'm sorry but it takes J 30 minutes to have a bottle. But at 15 minutes, they said, too bad so sad, no more bottle for J. EFF!

Why hadn't they told me any of this??

I left daycare that morning, went to my car and cried. During my lunch break I went to check on him. I attempted to be calm in explaining to them that my child was starving when he got home and something wasn't going right during his days at daycare right now. And? One of the teachers had the audacity to tell me she knows my son better than me. Forget anything else they said because I had lost my cool. This momma was raising hell I didn't care if the two-year-olds were in the next room napping.

Once again, I attempted to explain what I thought needed to be done to help Baby J not be so miserable. But they just weren't listening to me. It was as if they were God and I was no one. They knew what was right for my child and I knew nothing. I stormed out of the room in tears. Sat outside the daycare and bawled my eyes out for a good 30 minutes. I wanted nothing more than to go in, grab J and never go back to daycare. We'd spend our days together cuddling and reading, but unfortunately that can't be my reality right now. So I had to leave him there and just let the tears flow.

That night I had a meeting with the interim Director at SM. She is someone I have known since I was a little girl. And she was very understanding. She even said she would personally go give J his bottles every day. I felt comforted. But a little thing inside of me was still fuming.

Are you still with me? Please say yes. We're almost done, I promise.

Today, I took J in late because of our pedi appointment. So when we got there all the babies were asleep. I thought it was perfect timing to explain what I decided was the best idea for getting J to eat and be happy again. And? The two teachers barely acknowledged I was in the room. They said maybe one word to me and honestly? I wasn't sure if they even heard how I wanted his feeding schedule to go.

Furious, I headed out of the room straight for the Director's office. I explained how rudely I had just been treated and that I'd appreciate if she would relay to them how he should be fed since they apparently can't see me standing in front of their freaking faces.

And now, I'm  left fuming at the thought of taking J to daycare and having to see those two teachers whom up until yesterday I respected and adored.

I know I just rambled on forever, but you working moms with little babes in daycare must understand my woes. I'm now worried he won't be adequately taken care of because I have managed to piss off his teachers. I feel uncomfortable leaving him in that room with them. And what's even worse is it's all I can think about all day at work. No mom needs that.

For those of you who made it to the end of this post please, help me out.

Moms, if you've been through this please comment. I would love to hear any daycare story you have. If you don't want to comment email me{ }. 

Thanks for letting me vent, y'all. Love you all to pieces.

The Time I Said Something Heartfelt

Lately, several bloggers have posted about their role as a mom. And? They've really spoken to me.

With Baby J turning 6 months old tomorrow, I'm really beginning to reflect on this thing we call motherhood. I spent the majority of this week trying to bring you to tears with a profound post. But? I just can't put the right words together.

All I know is this:

With each passing day, I look at Baby J and see a blessing. He and I broke the odds. Like the Doctor said, he's my miracle baby.

He amazes me every day. Not necessarily by the things that he does, but in the way that he makes me feel. Unconditional love is a funny, funny thing. It is truly unexplainable. The love I feel when he laughs or even cries is unlike anything else I've felt in life. Pain to the deepest level when tiny tears stream down his face and love that exceeds any emotion I previously thought to be humanly possible when he smiles my way.

Over the last few weeks, I've realized I'm not the same person I was six months ago. Nope, that naive girl who tried to picture what being a mom was like was way way off in her visions. Because even though I haven't slept a full night in six months, every second has been worth it to watch my son change our lives.

So, tomorrow, I'll head to the pediatrician with my 6 month old. We'll see how much he's grown, get the details on eating solids and give him a million hugs after those awful shots. Tomorrow, I'll officially be the mom of a 6 month old. And I'll tell you something...I couldn't be happier with where I am in life.

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Sitting Stranger

Last Saturday, my mom watched J so that the Hubby and I could spend time painting the new house. But at 11:15 every Saturday my family meets at our favorite deli for lunch. 

So, when lunch time came around we dropped our paint brushes and headed to Albert's Deli. Because anyone who passes up a free, delicious lunch is just stupid.

I walked in, glanced at our regular table and continued on to order our food. 

But wait! The car-seat was empty. I did a double-take. 

My baby, my 5-month 3-week old baby, was sitting in a high chair!!

I'm pretty sure the mommy inside of me fell to the floor and started weeping. How is it possible that my baby is sitting up just as happy as can be in a high chair?!

This is serious business, mom!

My heart is melting, y'all. On Friday, this little {almost} sitting nugget will be 6 months old. And? I'm having to say goodbye to the newborn stage of our lives and welcome in this new "baby" stage.

So, bring on the high chairs. 

At least this means I can pull the cute high-chair cover my bestie got for Baby J. But for now? I'm going to go mourn the loss of our newborn stage.

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Little Reminders

It was a perfect morning...or at least that's how it all started...

I had plenty of time to get ready before baby woke up {a rare occurrence}. And by the time J woke up, he was plopped onto our bed for kisses and hugs from mommy and daddy. It was your classic Brady Bunch moment. Basically a breath of fresh air from the disaster of a week we'd had. 

But then, things took a turn for the worse.

Just as J had gotten his last diaper change before we headed off to daycare it happened...

projectile vomit.

All over the baby. All over me. All over the nursery.


So, J got new clothes. I got new clothes. And the nursery? Well, it just got a quick wipe-down. A full-on cleaning would have to wait until my lunch break because we were now running about 10 minutes late.

We finally got in the car and drove the 30 seconds to daycare only for Baby J to throw up again!

That's ok though because I keep an extra set of clothes for him at daycare.


His extra outfits were all too small. When did my baby get so big?! So, I headed back home to find him some clothes. Of course, everything was dirty except for my non-favorite outfits.

As I rummaged through his 3-6 month basket of clothes I pulled out a little onesie that reads "Mommy Loves Me." I'll be honest, I don't care for this onesie. But? It came with three other onesies that I loved. So, I bought it.

I mean seriously, why do they write stupid stuff like "mommy loves me" on baby clothes?

Well, my friends, on this Friday morning that question was answered.

It's not so that the baby knows his mommy loves him. Duh, they can't read. It's a reminder for us moms on days when the baby vomits all over your favorite sweater, his new outfit and the clean sheets you had just put on the bed. It's for frustrated, frazzled mommies to look down at that "bundle of joy" and be reminded by three simple words that she does not in fact want to give her baby to the first person whom offers. Because? Mommy does indeed love that baby.

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Fun With Our Phones {week 7}

If you don't follow me on Twitter or missed Friday's post then you missed my big news...

We closed on our house Friday afternoon! This means, I'm officially worn out from endless painting! 

So lovelies, you know the drill, grab the button and link below!

My weekend was filled with painting...


and {meh} there is even more painting to be done! Remind me again why I decided to paint all these rooms?! 

Thrown in along the way this weekend? A little bit of cuteness..

Happy Monday y'all!


Today at 3 p.m. Hubby B and I will be homeowners!!!


This day has been a long time coming, and it will officially make us the quintessential American family. You know what I'm talking about. We've got a mommy, daddy, new baby and 2 pups. Now we'll be residing in a quaint 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom {with huge fenced in backyard} home! 


Excuse my use of exclamation marks but I'm so freaking excited!!

The only catch? We're not moving this weekend...

Are you thinking, WTF? Yeah, yeah. Well, this weekend we will be painting the master bedroom, the nursery and an accent wall in the living room. And? I just think it would be too much for us to try to do all that and move this weekend. Plus, I want to be sure any paint fumes are all cleared out before bringing Baby J to his new room.

So, what does this mean for my lovely readers?

A lot of home photos for starters. A lot of before & afters. A lot of DIY tips and I mean alot. Hubby B is big on DIY and thinks he is the handiest of handy men. This means? A lot of comical stories about all of our projects.

Are you as excited as me? No? Well, get excited, y'all.

On top of all this, it's FRIDAY!

Wordless Wednesday

My son? Yeah, he's already becoming a gadget guru...

 We're one day closer to Friday hallelujah!

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72 Days

That's how long it took before I had a mommy-meltdown when dropping Baby J off at daycare. Which is some kind of mom record, right?

Well, loyal readers, today that record was came to a tearful end. Don't worry, I held it together long enough to get to my car. In fact, I even made it out of the parking lot. But then? The tears started flowing. 

Perhaps it was Adele speaking to my soul through the radio. Perhaps it was my sweet baby's giggles as I walked out of his daycare room. But I'm pretty certain what tipped me off were my many recent thoughts of  being a SAHM. 


Yeah, I said it. I wish I could stay home with my baby. While most of you reading are thinking, "duh!" I'm completely caught off guard by these thoughts. 

Having a career has always been a priority to me. I even had convo after convo with my boss-lady on how I never wanted to be a SAHM and that there was no worry about me ever wanting to leave because of J. And? I meant every single word I said.

Unfortunately, things change. As some of you know, I truly never thought I'd be a mom. So, I couldn't even fathom the feeling of leaving my kiddo at daycare every day. And now that I do? I know that it's awful! Okay, okay, not awful. Actually, some days I'm glad I have daycare. You know, like on Mondays after J has spent the entire weekend screaming due to teething. 

But lately {even with the screaming} I've been dying to be home to hold those chunky thighs and cheeks. To giggle and to cry together. To roll around and read together. You know, all those fun things 5 {almost 6} month olds do.

The reality of it is, I have to work. Financially, it's just not an option for me to stay home. 

So, for now, I'll just keep on dreaming and soaking up my 48 hours of baby time on the weekends.

Now, don't you think my mommy record of 72 days deserves a quick vote {click} below? Come on, I know you wanna...

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Fun With Our Phone {week six}

Y'all ready to share all your phone photos?

Never linked up with us before? Just post your phone photos, grab the button and add your link below.  Savannah and I are loving everyone's posts! Thanks again for playing along with us!

First off, do you remember when I was talking about Mommy Fuel?

This is what I was referring to...

Now, on to other important stuff...

This has felt like the never-ending week. My baby? He's teething, big time. The only good thing that's come with this new phase? He's slowly becoming a cuddle-bug.

I must say I HATE teething, but I LOVE that he finally wants to snuggle!

Happy Monday ladies. Hope you'll link up with us!

Wasn't That Yesterday?

 I was a Freshman in high school. It was first period. Miss Cope's math class.

 At 8:48 someone ran into our room frantically claiming a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers. Of course, Miss Cope had no TV in her room. We quickly tracked down a radio. Before the announcer could say more than "a plane has struck one of the towers," the bell for 2nd period rang. 

Are you freaking kidding me?! That was my exact thought. 

Everyone did a power-walk to their next class. 

We ran into our biology room begging the teacher to turn on the TV. She refused. Dammit, woman! Something crazy is happening and you won't turn on the TV?! No. No, she wouldn't. Not until we took our pop quiz.

 But us 13 year olds? We knew something major was happening and we refused to even look at the quiz until she at least turned the TV on mute. She gave in a couple minutes later. Just in time for us to watch the second plane fly into the second tower. 

Que the tears and disbelief. 

I remember the details of that morning almost more vividly than my wedding day. And somehow 10 years have managed to pass us by. 

Today we remember those who were lost that day and those who survived. We remember those who have fallen in war and those who continue to fight.

As a new mom, I can't help but wonder...

What will Baby J be taught about this day in his history classes? Will he push it aside as just another history lesson? Or will the impact of this day be taught to our children in a way that does not focus on the weakness of our country but our ability to come together as a nation during our toughest times?

I certainly hope our children will also never forget this day.

And Then There's The Guilt

Up until last Fall Hubby and I were living in Murfreesboro/Nashville, TN. 

Within 15 minutes of the Doc telling me about the positive pregnancy test I proclaimed we'd be moving back to my hometown. Er, well, I sort of sobbed it out in between crying. And what husband isn't going to say yes to his blubbering soon-to-be baby momma? No husband, that's who.

So, with B's job transfer finalized we packed up and headed for South Carolina.

My mom? She was ecstatic. His mom? No so much.

And thus the DIL guilt begins...

It's awful, y'all. She loves her grandBaby J so much.  And without fail, every visit ends in tears {and lots of 'em}.

Honestly? When we decided to move to South Carolina, I never thought I would feel this bad. I knew she'd be upset, but me? I had no reason to be upset. Right? Wrong.

Every time she has to leave her sweet grand-baby behind I feel this deep twinge of sadness. And when her tears start? Oh, Lord. It's really starting to get to me. 

I wish we could see them more. Visit them more. Sometimes {and don't tell my husband, he would die} I even wish we still lived in Nashville. But the job opportunities here and the sanity my family gives me {most of the time} was something we couldn't pass up.

So, for now, the guilt continues. 

Someone grab the Kleenex. 

Life with Busy Bea

Now y'all be sure to visit Ashley over at Life with Busy Bea!

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I Do Not Want To Poo On You

During pregnancy you imagine what life will be like when your baby arrives. For girls like me, who never expected to have kids, you start to realize all the little bits of mess and screaming you'll soon introduce to your routine.

What you can never, ever imagine are the new terms and talking styles that quickly become your sole vocabulary. You know, "baby talk." Words are said in funny, high-pitched noises and sentences are filled with a string of simple words.

But there are some things you can never prepare yourself for. 

Last weekend, is a perfect example...

My MIL was walking through our living room playing with Baby J and I heard her quite loudly say,

"Ohhhhhh, SCAT!" 

I did a double-take in my head. What did she just say?!

Then from the living room I hear Baby J sneeze and then again my MIL exclaims, "Ohhhh, SCAT!"

Are you effing kidding me? Does she not know what that means? Why is she saying that to my baby? I was seriously caught off guard. The look I shot Hubby B must have been priceless. I had no words and from the look on his face he was as speechless as me.

Then, he whispered..."Mom, you know that means shit. And, you know, like references to other things dealing with shit."

She looked at him in pure shock. Took in what he was saying then turned to my sweet baby and said, "I do not want to poo on you. I promise."


The lesson here? Things you never think you'll hear in life quickly become reality when a baby is thrown into the mix. This I know for sure now.

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Mommy Fuel

The other day I found myself outwardly giggling as I stood in line at the grocery store.

Across the checkout aisle I spotted a mom with only two things. That's right, just two.

Now let's think. It's the Friday before a three-day weekend. What are the two things you couldn't do without if for some reason you were stranded for the next three days with no new groceries?

Any thoughts? Bread? Milk? 

Pshh. Child's play.

This momma had coffee and wine. Not just any bottle of wine though. The jumbo bottle. 

Like super jumbo. 

Seriously, I was laughing out loud. 

What more could any mom need than coffee and wine?!

Oh and a sweet little chunk to come home to...

Want something to look forward to? The rest of this week's posts will be featuring tales of my MIL. 

For real, get excited, y'all.

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Fun with our Phones {week five}

Happy Labor Day lovelies! 

Hope some of you are stopping by to link up your phone photos from the week with me and Savannah.

Never linked up with us before?  It's easy! Just grab the button below and add your link at the end of this post!

This week, sweet Baby J has been forming some new sleep habits...

Neither of his new favs look particularly comfy.  But whatever floats his boat.

Now, for the good stuff...

Paint samples for the new house!!! During a little peak at our house-to-be this weekend, we saw the current owners have started moving out!

Woo hoo!! I am beyond words excited about our new house.

And while you should expect a MIL post later this week, here's a peak at the amazing amount of clothes she brought J this weekend..


That my friends, is clothes for basically the next three months. Yes, please!

You're turn...Can't wait to see your linkies!

I wish I was...

A little bit taller. I wish I was a baller.
I wish I had a girl who looked good.
I would call her.
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a '64 Impala.

I kid, I kid. 

Do y'all know that song, or do you officially think I'm crazy?

But seriously...

I wish I was a "type-A" personality. 

I've always wanted to be  type-A, but when it comes down to it, it's just not me. 

The intent is there. Plans to organize, clean {and keep clean}, decorate every single corner of our house. You know, the typical plans to make plans

My follow-through is just lacking big time. So I guess that makes me a type-B+?

Oy vey... 

Do you remember how your mom somehow kept the house clean, made your lunches, mowed the lawn, had dinner on the table and still managed to work an 8 hour day? Well lately, I've been wondering how the hell did she did that!

I'm determined to find the super-mom in me. I know she's hiding in there somewhere. Hopefully, this new house will motivate me to be a little more "type-A." One can hope, right?

And because who doesn't want a little cuteness on a Friday...

*UPDATE: I'm linking up my post today with the lovely Ashley over at Life with Busy Bea. While perusing posts today I saw she was starting a confession link-up and I mean who can resist, right? Besides, this post is somewhat of a confession anyway.*
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