Fun With Our Phone {week six}

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First off, do you remember when I was talking about Mommy Fuel?

This is what I was referring to...

Now, on to other important stuff...

This has felt like the never-ending week. My baby? He's teething, big time. The only good thing that's come with this new phase? He's slowly becoming a cuddle-bug.

I must say I HATE teething, but I LOVE that he finally wants to snuggle!

Happy Monday ladies. Hope you'll link up with us!


  1. I love Yellow Tail! I'm linking up and a new follower! :)

  2. Love those snuggly cheeks! He is adorable! Giada refuses to cuddle nowadays too. She'll only let me hold her if I've got food. Can't wait for her to get a little older and want to cuddle.

  3. He's adorable! Teething horrid, hope it doesn't last too long.


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