Fun With Our Phones {week 8}

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If you've been around my lil' blog this weekend then you've heard about our current daycare drama. So, you'll understand that I'm pretty nervous going in this morning to greet his teachers. {prayers please}

On the brighter side of life, we have officially moved into our house! And? It is so amazing. Everything I'd ever wanted. More posts to come about that this week!

But in even bigger news, Baby J turned 6 months old on Friday! 

The Doc said he is a strong little guy. Coming in at 19 pounds {50 percentile}, 26.5 inches tall {75 percentile}. Let's just say. he was not happy when it came time for those shots. It breaks my heart more every time.

This guy spent most of the weekend fighting his naps thanks to some insane teething. I'm officially over this whole teething thing.

The best part of J's weekend? 

When his jumper made it into the new was priceless to see him perk up when it came in the room!

But now, I must leave you because I. Am. Exhausted. 

And I've still got all this left to do...

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  1. We moved into our new house last October, and I still have boxes in my garage!

    Congratulations on your new home!

  2. Awww I'm glad you are in your new exciting. And yes teething's never ending it seems! Hope your week at daycare is much better!

  3. Poor little guy (and Momma) with shots and teething. We get shots on Friday. No bueno!

    Good luck unpacking. I hope you get some naps in there too!

  4. Hope the packing fairies come to do it all for you! Read about the childcare disaster on my phone so couldn't comment, hope you manage to clear it up so that you're happy with everything.

  5. Hope you are loving your new house. We go for shots here too next week. Not looking forward to that. He is so cute! Thanks for the sweet comments on my site. You should get a blog button. I did add you to my daily reads list:)

  6. I still have boxes too and we've lived here for for almost 2 years!!! You'll get there eventually :) I can't wait to see it!

  7. My first big move was when my oldest was 6 months. It was not easy at all.


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