It's OK...

 I've had a rough go of it the past couple weeks, so I thought what better time to link  up with my sweet friend Neely for It's OK Thursday and just let it all go...

Its Ok Thursdays

 It's OK...

that I have unanswered emails and comments from this weekend. Sorry, y'all, but moving this weekend and J's overwhelming teething really threw off my social media schedule.

that even though I wrote this post about the daycare teacher being nice to me on Monday, they decided to be mean again by Wednesday.

to forget things....On Tuesday I forgot to bring J's rice cereal to daycare and had to go buy more at the Rite Aid up the road. Then? Today I forgot to bring more diapers which led to an impromptu trip to Walmart.

to be impatiently waiting for my Erin Condren gift card so that I can order my Life Planner!

that my in-laws are coming in town the weekend of my birthday. Because? I get to see the bestest Canadian friend in the world next week to celebrate our b-day together!

that I've only unpacked one box this week...the rest of the boxes are just going to have to wait until this weekend!

to feel the need to talk about our daycare issues every second of the day right now...meh.

Whew! That's all I've got. But? If you've got some love for a worn out momma click the button below for a vote for my lil blog...Please and Thank you.

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  1. You left a comment on my blog via Blue Eyed Bride a few weeks ago and I just wanted to pop by and say hello! I am saying a big prayer that the daycare situation gets resolved - ugh, what a nightmare. Hope your week gets better!

  2. Your daycare lady makes me want to smack her in the face! I hate mean people. Anyhow it's totally fine to let everything slide when you have a teething baby. Totally acceptable.

  3. I agree with Natalie. I want to smack her! and i have a teething baby here and it stinks! hugs mama

  4. Im so sorry about the daycare stuff. I cant imagine how hard that must be on you guys. THinking about you!!


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